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Even Shania Twain, The Canadian Singer Is Inspired by Britney Spears

Shania Twain and Britney Spears

The superstar, top Canadian singer, and songwriter Shania Twain said that she has been inspired by the American top songwriter, dancer, and singer Britney Spears.

In the recent Thursday episode of Apple Radio Show, Shania Twain admired Britney Spears and said her co-star Britny inspired her over the years.


Twain said that she specially participated in a show where Spears perform in Zappos Theater in Las Vegas, and she was expecting that it would be a great show because of the Britney. Shania Twain said, yes, it was a great show and Britney Spears inspired me a lot.

To give compliments, Shania also sang the famous song of Britney “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. She said, my voice is not like Britney, but I love to sing along to her records.

She also revealed a 20 years old fact that she had co-written a song for Britney that appeared on her album “Oops I Did It Again”. The song title was “Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know”.

Well, if we talk about Shania Twain, she is the superstar, top music female artist of the country. Born in 1965, she had sold over 100 million of her records. In the history of country music, she is known to be the best selling female music artist.

Like many other successful people, Twain also was a failure when she released her debut album in 1993. But this initial failure couldn’t stop Twain, as she bounces back strongly with a hit studio album “The Woman in Me” in 1995.


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She had won various awards on her name and a special title of the leader of the ’90s country-pop crossover stars by the Billboard.

Shania Twain has received five Grammy Awards, 27 BMI Songwriter Awards, a World Music Award,  an induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and stars on Canada’s Walk of Fame.

Shania Twain Inspired by Britney Spears
Shania Twain on her return in 2012 after recovering from Lyme disease.

In 2010, she was also diagnosed with Lyme disease that affected her voice badly and she couldn’t sing for some time. Then she came back strongly with her album “Today Is Your Day” in 2012. This was her first album in 7 years.

She married in 1993 to her music partner Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange, who was with her in most of his songs work. But both separated in 2008 while they have one child.


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