How to find the right size bag to protect your expensive laptop


Just like other electronic gadgets your notebook also needs good protection. Especially if you have to travel a lot and you need to carry your notebook with you then you need a very good and supportive bag for your machine. It is not just like that you go to the market and pick a bag for your expensive laptop, but it needs some study and tricks to get the right bag that can actually give protection to your laptop. If you go to market you will find a lot of options for laptop backpacks in different designs and in different colors. There are various things which you should consider while buying a good bag for a notebook.

You should laptop’s Screen Size:

While you are planning to get a bag for your laptop the first and most important thing you should know is to get the correct screen size. It will define the size of the bag, if you get the wrong bag that doesn’t fit with the size of the screen then you are in big trouble. Other things can be managed but if the bag size is not compatible with the size of laptop’s screen then you can’t-do anything with it, ultimately you need to go to the market again to exchange the bag for the correct size. You should measure the laptop screen size in diagonal and you should tell the shopkeeper that I want a laptop bag for my 15″, 16″, 14″ screen size laptop.

Height, Width & Depth of Laptop:

Although these things are not that important, you must have a rough idea of these measurements. Normally they are not very much different when you have a right measurement of the screen size, but to be on safe side it is good to have these measurements as well to avoid any

Space for accessories:

This is very crucial which most of the people don’t care about while getting the backpacks for their laptops. Obviously, you need to keep the charger with you along with you might have an external hard drive, a set of important DVDs or anything else which is required and important. So you should also look for the extra space and pockets in the laptop bag which will give you more options to carry more things along with you easily.

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