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How To Buy Best Smoker For Jerky? Complete Buying Guide

Last updated on March 6, 2018


Everyone loves to have good food that has a delicious taste and easy to prepare. Jerky is such a food which is lean meat which doesn’t have any fat and can be preserved for a longer time by adding some salt to it. You can find different tasty recipes for making jerky in different ways but for me, the best way to put jerky on your table is by smoking. Smoked jerky is unique in taste and it is easy to digest. There are so many smokers are available for smoked jerky. Below are some tips which can help you out in buying the best smoker for jerky.

Select The Right Size For Smoker

The first thing that you should consider is what would be the suitable size? You have to select the right size smoker that depends on various factors. For example, you should have the size of your kitchen in your mind while buying the smoker for jerky. You should be very clear at what place you are going to keep your smoker and what would be the right height and other dimensions of the smoker so that it could be easily adjusted in your kitchen along with other kitchen appliances.

Next, you should consider what size of jerky you are mostly preparing for your food items. The inner space of the smoker is very important so that you can make the smoked jerky easily in your smoker.

If you are going to buy a smoker which will be used for the whole family then you must go for a bigger size so that you can use it on any party or special function with your family members. Traeger TFB65LZBC could be your best choice if you are going to buy the smoker to make jerky for your whole big family.

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Quality and Type of Smoker

Obviously, quality is also important, not only for the smoker but also for every kitchen and other home appliances. Among different types of Smoker for Jerky, electric smokers could be the best choice. Electronic smokers are very convenient to use at controlled values as they have computerized controls and they can provide an exact amount of smoke to get your smoker ready.

Don’t Forget To Check The Features of Smoker For Jerky

The quality and effectiveness of a smoker can be measured by the features it has. Before you finalize the best smoker for jerky, you must consider different features of the smoker. You should look if the smoker is electric or non-electric? An electric smoker would provide you easy to use features and you can prepare your jerky while doing your other routine work. You should have temperature controlled nobs which are handy to control and maintain the temperature and amount of smoke you need to prepare jerky.

You should also check if the smoker has a clear glass view so that you can check the progress of food regularly and can adjust the smoke level according to the requirement. Then the number of cooking racks is also an important feature. More racks mean you can prepare more jerky at a time. The sides of the smoker should be coated with good material so that it can last longer.

Brand and Reviews Of Smoker

You should also select the best brand smoker. Here you can check different reviews for best offset smoker. You can find various brands in the market. If you feel it difficult to find the best smoker then you should check reviews for different brands on various websites provided by third parties and real users.

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