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Importance of Content and Tips For Better Search Engine Visibility

Last updated on September 5, 2022


It is a well-known fact that “Content is King” for search engine rankings and better visibility in Google. There are various Search Engine Optimization methods, that include link building but believe me with better, rich, and informative unique content you can get much better rankings with less link building.

Latest Google algorithms gave much importance to rich content and with unique content that has good and authentic information you can get a lot of traffic that spends time on your website and will visit more pages which improves the average site duration time per user.

The content can affect your website’s ranking in both ways, i.e in positive and negative ways. To use the power of content in a positive way you should follow a few important points that I mention below.

Your content should be Plagiarism Free

All the content on your website should be plagiarism free which means that you should not copy the content from any other website or magazine.

Your article should be unique and should be written by yourself or by your writer and he should be careful about it that while taking points from some other website of a relevant topic, he should rewrite the article from scratch, just changing a few words to make the article unique is not enough.

There are different similarity detection algorithms of Google that can check if your content is copied from some other source or not, in case you copied the content Google will penalize your website and the same goes for other search engines.

To avoid this you should use Plagiarism checker software which is available online. There are different tools some of which are paid while some are free. For basic work, you can use any free plagiarism checker which can easily detect the copied lines in your content.

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This free checker can also work for students for their assignments and final project thesis.

Plagiarism Checker X is a software that gives you excellent reporting, it can show the percentage of how much content is copied, it can also show you a summary report and you can also check the side-by-side report which shows original content and your content in two different windows shown side by side.

There are so many other features that you can check from their official website.

Keyword Density Should be 2% at most

Keyword density means how many times you have used the keyword in your content, you can find the keyword density as the total number of times the keyword is used divided by the total number of words in the content multiplied by 100.

A few years back 4% keyword density was considered good, but now 2% keyword density is more than enough if you ask me, you should use keywords in the article naturally, there is no need to keep the keyword density up to 2%.

If you believe that using the keyword twice in 400 words article is enough, then you don’t need to use it for the third time. So only 0.5% keyword density is enough if your article looks natural.

Internal Link Building and References to Authentic Sources

You should link your website’s different pages internally when you find that content is related to the previously published article and along with internal link building you can also add references to external authority sites to make your content more reliable.

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These are some tips that can be useful to get the most out of the content and improve your website’s visibility in search engines. If you believe that you are not good at writing, then you can get help from a professional article writer who can provide you with good content at a very reasonable price.

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