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Why Timeline Plugins are Important for WordPress websites?

WordPress Timeline Plugin

Since the Website on WordPress is developing way faster than any different platforms. The community is also working hard to put an effort towards the development of the engine capabilities. The main reason for the popularity of WordPress engine is dynamic plugins created by the society. There are so many plugins that one doesn’t have to code a single line. Yet their website looks like one made by a pro. The WordPress ease of use and plugin development has made millions of many people out there using plugins.

Timeline plugins came into popularity after the Facebook starting using the word timeline. This attracted more developers to develop their timeline plugin and put it on the market. WordPress timeline plugin is now so important that every other has had it installed on their website. Timeline plugins add a natural beauty to the website. Make it easier to understand the topic or the website history structure.

If you don’t know how to create a WordPress website, you must read this article.

What is cool timeline plugin?

Have you ever been faced with a trouble of posting pictures but want them dated properly so that people can understand their relevance? In WordPress timeline plugin one doesn’t have to get into trouble of setting the date with the post he creates. The cool timeline does all the handwork. One just has to create the content on the website. After creating website he has to modify edit and upload the images. Then comes the step of setting the date. After that cool timeline will do all the work. The content recently uploaded will not show the recent date but the date given to the cool timeline plugin.

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This plugin will arrange the post in a chronological way so that post can be displayed according to the date. Such plugins are high in demand on the market to upload the content which was missed.

What are the main features of WordPress Timeline Plugin?

This amazing WordPress timeline plugin creates both sided timelines. This means that mostly we see only centralized timelines features on a different website. But this plugin creates two kinds of timeline on the same page. The cool timeline also present the features of showing the story in the link or popups. Since Icons are very flashy and people adopt them easily. The cool timeline also has the flexibility to get these icons used with the timeline. Most people want their background customized on the timeline. The developers of the cool timeline understood the user needs properly and they gave the background color opportunity to the users as well.

The cool timeline also has the most effective feature that is responsiveness. This timeline plugin is very responsive. All the uploaded images and content uploaded by the user is especially compressed by the plugin without decreasing the content quality. This is one of the reasons that it is very famous in the market.

To understand how you can use this cool plugin, you can get help from the video below:

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