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Create Your Own Blog & Learn How to Make Money Online

Last updated on October 13, 2017


Starting an online work is not a difficult task, there are many people who have good skills and they are capable enough to provide something useful and informative for other people. A good blog is one which is providing free information or entertainment stuff to its visitors. Free stuff and entertaining stuff can engage the visitors on a blog and it also can attract the new visitors as well. The more visitors you have more are the chances of making money. Starting your own blog is not a difficult task in terms of skills and budget. You don’t need to be a developer to develop your website or blog, there are so many free tools provided by different hosting providers which you can use to create your first website.


In terms of budget, you can find many cheap web hosting services which also offers free domain name registration. You can buy any service and get your free domain for one year. After that, you can start your online blog or website and can put informative and useful content for the visitors.

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We can see many successful bloggers who have started from zero and they have no jobs but they started their own blogs and maintain their blogs with quality and unique content and become a successful blogger. Like these bloggers, you should also learn different methods to make money online. Jenny is one example of such successful bloggers who have got good blogging skills and innovative ideas which makes her successful.

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Jenny was working as a nurse in the past but after feeling that she has much more skills as compared to work as a nurse, she thinks that she might give it a try and started her own website named as 9Foot dot ComThis blog or website is based on a new concept of providing good information about comfortable shoes. You can find many useful articles on this blog in which you will learn how to select good shoes that should be comfortable for your feet.

From the earning point of view, Amazon Affiliate program has been used on this blog where affiliated links are provided and if anyone who inspired with the information provided about a product and purchase that product from Amazon, blog owner will earn some commission out of that purchase amount. So any other person who is willing to start his/her own website or blog can get some inspiration from this website or any other websites of individual bloggers. You should be aware of your expertise and your interest. Then just start a good blog that can fulfill your interest and you can write content or you can create videos on that topic. After you start getting traffic, you can monetize your content using Amazon, eBay, Google’s Adsense and many other platforms.


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