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Drive Traffic to Your Blog with SEO Optimized and Appealing Content

SEO Optimized Content

You ask any SEO expert about the importance of content and you will get the reply; Content is the King. But I believe that only content is not the king, it is SEO optimized content which is king. If the content of your blog is SEO optimized than you have to make very little effort to drive traffic to your website or blog.

If the content on your blog is SEO optimized then more than 70% work has been done and only 30% more work is required which is getting a few good backlinks and promoting content on social media or through email marketing.


Here are a few tips which you can follow to optimize your blog content for search engines and friendly content to catch the eyeballs of readers.

Be Specific to the Topic

You have to be specific to the topic you selected. Don’t create a content which is a mixture of different topics or do not explain irrelevant things in your content. If you stick to the point, you will automatically create so many keywords in your content which you can’t find using any keyword research tool.

Target 2 or 3 Long-Tail Keywords

Though you can create so many keywords by writing the content on a specific topic, but you have to focus only 2 or 3 long tail keywords. Try to find the keywords which consist of 5 to 7 words and have low keyword difficulty and 500 to 2000 average monthly searches.

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This approach will reduce your competition and you will easily rank on the top page without any effort. You can use Long Tail Keyword tool for this purpose, or if you can’t afford that tool then you can use KWFinder as well.

Keep Keyword Density Low

Don’t use your focused keywords repeatedly. I would suggest just 1% keyword density is more than enough. Even if you use the focused keywords twice or maximum thrice in a 500 words article, it is enough.


Divide Content into Short Paragraphs

If you want your content interesting for the readers then you have to divide it into short paragraphs. Most of the readers don’t want to read big paragraphs. If you read the blogs of Neil Patel, who is considered an authority in SEO, he makes the paragraphs only with 3 to 5 medium-size sentences.

In this way, it is easy for the reader to find the points and information he wanted to know.

Write Compelling Title

If your content is great but your title of the article is not compelling, users will not click on your website from search results. If the title of your article (SEO Title) is appealing then it is confirmed that you will get more clicks from search results.

While using the compelling title, you should also make search engine friendly URLs which help you to optimize the best SEO content for blogging.

Use Headings and a Bulleted List

Use different heading in your content that should be eye-catching. It is also good if you use the main keyword in H2 or H3 heading in your article.

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Using a bullet list or number list is also good for SEO friendliness and also for the reader.


When your content is optimized for the search engine and has an attraction for the user, you will get a lot of traffic naturally without creating bulk links. It is better to write only one piece of content in a week with proper optimization than writing one article daily without optimizing the content.


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