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5 Simple and Easy DIY Crafts For Kids During Summer Holidays

Last updated on November 21, 2019

It is the season of summer holidays and the kids are enjoying their free time at home. In most of the Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, schools are usually close in the month of June to August. So, it is better to involve your kids in some creative activities like DIY crafts for kids.

For the kids, the most healthy activity could be DIY crafts. They can make a lot of things from scrap or trash material at home. You can find a lot of DIY kids crafts ideas from various websites.

Here I will mention only a few easy DIY kid crafts projects that your kids will love for sure.

DIY Tire Projects for Kids


If you have some old card tires at home then your kids can use them to make various things. For example, they can make old tile planters or you can even make an old tire swing as well. You can make an obstacle course for the kids using old tires that will be good for the physical activities of kids.

DIY Old Birdcage Planters for Kids


This is another good idea. If you have an old birdcage, you kids can convert it into a beautiful planter. They just need to clean and wash that. And then, they need to put some potting mix in the birdcage and plant their favorite flower in that.

You can hang that in your garden, or if the plant is indoors, then you can also hang the birdcage planter inside your home.

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Check this DIY old birdcage planter tutorial.

DIY Pen Holder for Kids


A pen holder is a must-have item for every school going kid. They need to keep their pencils, colors, and pens in the pen holder. So it would be fun if you can guide your kids on how to make their own DIY pen holder from an empty soda can.

DIY Empty Plastic Bottle Crafts


At every house, there are a lot of empty plastic bottles available. Your kids can make a variety of crafts using empty plastic bottles. For example, they can make a lamp from the empty plastic can, or they can even make a verticle garden using empty plastic soda cans. Here you can check different creative ways to recycle empty plastic bottles into DIY crafts.

DIY Paper Crafts for Kids


Your kids would love to craft new things using the paper as well. You can find a lot of paper crafts tutorials from the internet or YouTube. Just let the kids watch and learn and then ask them to make their favorite DIY papercraft.

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