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Features that make Elmedia Player unique from other ordinary players

Last updated on October 28, 2017

Elmedia Player is a superb video and audio player for your Mac that can work with almost all the known media formats whether it is video or audio. Unlike other players, you don’t need to install the codecs to support extra formats or you don’t need to add plugins to enhance the functionality of Elmedia player. You can find all the desired features by default in this great player that you can even think about. The latest version of Elmedia player is 6.8 which is stable and functionality to adjust the playback speed of your music and audio files is added in this version.

Note: With Elmedia Player you are getting a smooth HD playback with no interruptions or slowdowns.

Usually, free media players have playback problems when you play a full HD video and it slowdowns the process but it will never happen with Elmedia player and the best thing about it is that there will be no sync problem in audio and video. Even if your original video file has syncing issues, Elmedia player is good enough to solve that issue itself.


Elmedia Player is also available for Apple TV now and it also supports airplay which means you can stream your videos from your device having Elmdedia player to other AirPlay supported devices or Mac computers provided that other device also has Elmedia player installed. It also supports external audio and subtitles.

Elmedia player supports different languages like English, Czech, Dutch, French, German and many other international languages. So you can select the language of your own choice. Along with full-screen mode, you can also create and manage your playlists easily. If you want to watch your video while keep working on other tasks, you can pin your player’s screen on top of other active applications which allow you to work while watching your favorite shows.

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Another unique feature which everyone love is that you can play a part of a video clip in a loop which none other player offers. You can repeat the whole file in a loop using other ordinary players while Elmedia player allows you to play only a selected part of a video in a loop. There are lot more features available in it, you can buy it just for $9.99 USD.

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