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Foods That You Should NOT EAT To Stay Healthy

Food Not To Eat

We are generally what we eat as the old saying goes; in order to stay fit depends solely on what one ingests on daily basis and depending on the amounts. Excess body fat commonly known as obese is usually due to the results of eating junk food of which one is completely supposed to avoid.

The food that one intake is also responsible for protecting one from unnecessary illness of which can be highly fatal such as cancer. While many people mainly try to rely on exercise in order to remain fit.

Diet is the main component that should be kept under control before one engages in any exercise in an attempt of trying to be fit and healthy.

Snacks are essential in a day to day activities of many people but they can also dealt one a major blow in trying to stay fit and healthy depending on what one ingests as snacks, most of these snacks are usually made of cookies, candy, ice creams, and potatoes chips of which they do not have any nutritional value to one’s body.

These types of snacks should completely be avoided as they tend to increase the number of calories in the body and most of the time may lead to one gaining unnecessary body weight. These snacks should essentially be replaced with fruits that have a high nutritional value to one’s body.

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Intake of salt and sugar should completely be minimized as they tend to do more harm than good to one’s health hindering the ability of one’s staying healthy and fit, these two components tend to make the body gain more water weight making one look more fatty than usual.

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Processed food should completely be avoided as they tend to remove all the nutrients in it and add mainly sugars, hydrogenated oils, and syrup of which are known not to do justice to one’s health.

Appetizers should completely be avoided as they only tend to be full of calories thus increasing the fat content of the body thus preventing one from being health wise fit.

Fat-free cakes, brownies, and cookies are other food types that are extensively known to contain higher levels of calories thus should completely be avoided if one wants to stay fit and healthy.

Fried foods such as chicken fish and chips should also be withdrawn as they are not good for one’s health and they tend to prevent one from losing weight in an attempt of trying to stay fit.

Drinking beverages such as coke, coffee with cream, or sugar is widely known to add up to 500 calories thus not good for one’s health. Instead, these beverages should be replaced with plenty of water and naturally blended fruit juice which has no additional chemicals or preservatives.

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Trans fats such as margarine, pies frostings, or fried foods such as chicken or fish are known to put one at a higher risk of contracting heart complications of which can be highly fatal preventing one from being healthy and fit.

Having a good diet composed of a well-balanced diet of proteins vegetables fruits and carbohydrates is essential to ensure one stays fit and healthy.

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