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These 8 Food Trucks In Bengaluru Redefined Street Food In India

Food Truck Bengaluru

The concept of mobile food vendors, which originated in the state of Texas, ushered in a sea of change within the food culture. Instantaneously well received by the general populace, the concept was enthusiastically implemented all across the United States.

As Indians, how could we not be influenced by this one-of-a-kind culture of street food and not give it a shot? Find out the best hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops in Bengaluru.

Food trucks can be seen making their way through the streets of Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Bangalore in India. Other cities in India that include food trucks include Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Trucks Serving Food In Bangalore

Take a look at these food trucks in Bengaluru, which have been winning people’s affection by satisfying their hunger, to get an idea of the great street food craze that is currently sweeping the nation.

When you get a chance to visit Bangalore after getting your Indian visa for Bolivia citizens, you must try the local food from any of these best food trucks in Bangalore.

1. The Great Indian Bhukkad

Have a hankering for Chinese cuisine even if you’re on the go? Visit The Great Indian Bhukkad food truck in order to put an end to your feelings of hunger once and for all.

You will definitely find more reasons to return by indulging in some mouthwatering delicacies that are produced using a fusion of Chinese and North Indian culinary traditions.

This food truck is perfect for those who are fans of both Rajma and Manchurian!

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2. Square Ruth

This food truck will win your affection with its extensive selection of sizzling hot appetizers, all of which have been made with an eye on quality.

You may obtain everything from this food truck’s counter that will not let you down or your taste buds, including sweet and savory dishes, desserts that melt in your lips, and drinks that are well-balanced.

You are going to absolutely adore the eggs served by them with a sunny side up and the pancakes that might as well take the morning game to the next level.

3. Foodipa

Those looking for a quick snack with an Indian flavor should try this one out. Everything from mouthwatering chaats to hypnotizing parathas is available to you here.

They’ve titled the cuisine categories in a clever way to coincide with the titles of Bollywood movies — a legitimate indication that they’re from India. Everything is prepared with both flavor and cleanliness in mind at the same time.

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4. The SWAT Truck

This food truck is extremely famous in the industry, and it is the one that is credited with ushering in this really incredible cuisine culture in India. SWAT is an acronym that stands for “Serving With A Twist,” which describes the manner in which the food served here is produced.

This is due to the fact that the chefs who work here have the courage to create dishes that are unconventional. The Americal Curbside Gourmet will astound you with their genuine service to their customers and their commitment to authenticity.

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In the event that this information is not sufficient to sway your opinion, you should be aware that The SWAT food truck was recognized as having the second-best burgers in Bangalore during the Burger Riot in 2015.

5. The Spitfire Barbecue Truck

The cuisine offered by the Spitfire Barbecue Truck will give you a taste of New York in all its glory. This food truck’s name is more than justified by the delicious taste that is imparted to the items that it serves.

The irreverent motto of this food truck is “it’s no sin to get sauce on your chin,” and it explains the name of the business.

The intense heat and spiciness of their hot dogs will transport you to New York City and make you feel as though you are strolling along one of the city’s streets.

6. Just Bake Dessert Mobile

If you are planning to celebrate someone’s birthday, farewell, or any other occasion that calls for cake or other desserts, then you can just give these guys a call and they will ensure that the celebration is one of a kind, enjoyable, and memorable.

You will never be without choices when there is such a vast selection of cakes, and you will want to sample each and every one of them.

Each of the sweet treats features a one-of-a-kind design that corresponds to the occasion’s designated theme.

7. De3

This food truck is operated by four men, and each of them brings you some delectable dishes that have been creatively made and will leave you wanting more.

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The purpose of De3 is to introduce a fresh element into the course of conventional mealing, which is accomplished deftly by periodically revitalizing the culture surrounding food.

Their number one priority is to provide a pleasant experience for their customers, and the idea of this truck was conceived with that objective in mind from the very beginning.

Only the quality of their food has allowed De3 to become one of the most popular food trucks in Bangalore.

8. Le Casse Croûte

This is the first food truck in Bangalore to serve French cuisine, and it has been garnering popularity ever since it first opened its doors. You should definitely try their homemade croques since they are out of this world good.

They make delicious French toast sandwiches, which you absolutely have to taste at least once. The food sold by this truck will give you your first experience of the singular and enticing flavor profile of France.

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