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How to Get Started Magnetic Fishing? A Beginners Guide

Last updated on September 18, 2018

magnetic fishing

Magnetic fishing, also known as magnet fishing, is an outdoor activity which requires a rope and a powerful magnet. The person who likes magnetic fishing tries to find something valuable from the deep water of some lake, pond or river. He will not find the fish just like traditional fishing.


Most of the time some bottle caps, keys or other trash attach with the magnet and the person can’t get any benefit from magnet fishing. But in some cases, people are so lucky that they find some rare metal objects or other precious items which are of great use.

How to get started Magnet Fishing?

Magnet fishing or magnetic fishing is not an expensive activity. You can easily find the required equipment at a low price. If you wanted to adopt this activity as a career and want to pull out heavy objects from deep waters then you need to get the professional equipment which is a bit costly.

But if you want to do magnetic fishing just to have some fun, then you can easily get the required equipment at a very low price.

What is needed for Magnetic Fishing?

You need a few things for magnet fishing. Some are mandatory while a few other things are optional. It is good to have all the things which are required but you can get started only with the mandatory equipment as well.

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Strong Magnet (Mandatory)

A strong magnet is required for magnet fishing which should have the ability to get attached to useful objects. If you ask an expert he will advise you to get Neodymium Magnet for magnet fishing and the magnet should also have an eyebolt so that we can attach it with a strong rope as well. While the professional should find some china magnet to do magnet fishing at large scale.

Strong & Long Rope (Mandatory)

A strong rope is also mandatory for magnet fishing. The rope should be strong enough to pull objects like a bicycle or a small size metal box which can have some heavy objects inside. The length of the rope should be good enough so that your magnet can reach the depth. Normally 20 to 30-meter long rope is enough for the magnet fishing in a lake. Usually, Nylon and Paracord ropes are good enough to attach with powerful magnets.

Gloves (Mandatory)

Magnet fishing is not an ideal hobby, rather it is a dirty activity and it involves the metals as well which could be rusty and sharp. You could get some cuts on your hands while removing the metal objects from the magnet. Also, your hands will get dirty and can have burning effect while pulling the nylon rope. So it is good to have waterproof and cut resistant gloves.


A Good Bag (Optional)

While doing magnetic fishing, you may get some useful objects which you can’t keep in your pockets because of their size. So, you should have a good bag as well so that you can store the items you find during the magnet fishing. Just keep your bag with you and keep all the items you find in that bag.

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A Cloth and Hand Sanitizer (Optional)

While removing the metal objects from the magnet, you will find so much mud, so you need a cloth and a hand sanitizer to keep your hands dry and clean.

Where to Go for Magnet Fishing?

In this regard, the first thing that you should consider is to know that the lake or the river where you are going is legal for the magnet fishing activity. Make it sure that you get the permission from the local authorities.

Don’t select the part of the river or the lake where people don’t want to go. Find a place where so many people love to go and spend their time. A place with many people has a good chance that people have lost their precious metal items in the river or the lake. So, in case you can find such a place, you are good to get some valuable thing from magnetic fishing.


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