Get Your Google Nexus Sync With Mac Using SyncMate

Nexus Suite For Mac by syncmate

Getting your mobile data backed up on a mac device was never so easy before the introduction of SyncMate. Getting Nexus Suite for Mac from SyncMate and synchronizing the data in a few steps is easy and the process is user-friendly due to easy to navigate features. You can connect your Google Nexus phone or tablet with the mac using different connection types that include Bluetooth connection, Wifi Connection and connecting the device using a USB cable.

You can download the free version of Nexus suite for Mac and can learn the synchronization process before you buy the expert edition.

What You Get in the Free Nexus Suite For Mac

The basic purpose of the free version is to give the user an option to learn how to use the Nexus suite for mac to sync Google Nexus device with the Mac devices. With easy to use interface user can easily select the device and then can select the connection type. Then the user has to select the synchronization options and after its all set, the user just needs to click on “Sync” button. In the free version, a user can only sync mobile contacts and calendar from Nexus to mac.

Along with this, you can also read the SMS messages directly on your Mac computer.

Extra Features in Paid Expert Edition

The paid version of Nexus Suite for mac by SyncMate, called Expert edition, provides rich features to sync different devices and can sync all the photos and videos between Nexus and Mac. Again the process is very simple, just organize your sync settings and click on sync button. The whole process will run in the background silently and it will not interrupt the other operations on your Nexus devices.

While synchronizing the photos and other rich media, no compression is applied and the whole process carried on smoothly by the SyncMate. The professional algorithms make it possible that the whole process completes without any failure provided that there is no interruption in the connectivity between mac and Nexus.

You can’t use the Finder app to access your Nexus data on mac as it doesn’t have any built-in functionality. SyncMate adds this functionality which enables you to mount your Nexus device as a mac disc and then you can access your Google Nexus on the mac very easily just like you can access other local drives of your mac.

Using Nexus Suite For Mac, you can also use the Mac keyboard for texting directly from your Mac or to manage all your messages on Nexus device, and you can also check the call history as well.

Watch the video below to find what features are offered by SyncMate and why Nexus Suite For Mac is the best application to use on Mac. If you have any questions about it, you can ask using the commenting options below.

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