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Hijama Treatment Cupping Therapy Benefits For Skin, Head and Side Effects

Last updated on January 29, 2021

hijama cupping therapy benefits

Hijama therapy is also known as cupping therapy, which is a type of alternative medicine in which special cups are used on the person’s skin to generate suction. It may be used for many different reasons, which include hay fever, relief from lung disease, muscle relaxation, an increase of blood flow, pain relief, etc.


Hijama is also known as cupping therapy which is used to treat many adverse conditions including migraines and inflammation. If you are looking for a hijama then make sure to visit the authentic Hijama center Islamabad.

The Technique of the Hijama

Hijama or cupping may be trendy these days but it is not a new technique used to remove the toxins from organs and tissues. The technique involves applying special cups for the suction of blood which creates a vacuum.

This causes the skin to rise and turn red as blood vessels expand. These are applied for approximately 3 minutes.

Then with a small scalpel therapist will make tiny cuts on the skin. Then a second suction to draw out the blood.  Before the Hijama makes sure the one who is performing the procedure is experienced or expert in the technique.

Types Of Hijama

  1. Dry Cupping
  2. Wet Cupping
  3. Moving Cupping


Dry Cupping

Dry Cupping is a treatment, in which cups are being placed on the body to create suction that removes the soft tissues of the body and stretches the muscle. Which helps in increasing the flow of blood, reduces the pain.

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Wet Cupping

Wet cupping treatment is a therapy in which cups are placed on the surface of the skin after puncturing the few parts of the skin which helps in suction, that removes blood stasis from the body. That leaves bruises on the body which will heal after some time.

Moving Cupping

Moving Hijama or moving cupping which is also called massage cupping, is a relaxing massage treatment that uses cups which is placed on your skin along with oils to move over the skin to give you a relaxing sensation. Moving cupping can be performed at any time.

Hijama Cupping Therapy Benefits

There are so many health benefits of Hijama or cupping therapy, traditionally has been used for many health-related issues which include


  1. Healthy skin
  2. Fatigue syndrome
  3. Blood disease – hypertension
  4. Urinary disease
  5. Digestive problems
  6. Physical condition – sciatic, neck, and back pain
  7. Headaches and migraines
  8. Muscle tension
  9. Arthritis
  10. Detoxifying

Hijama Treatment Benefits

When getting any kind of treatment, it does not mean if there are many pros or benefits although there are many. One should learn about the possible disadvantages that may be associated with medicine or cure.

By understanding the pros and cons one can make a better decision regarding treatment. Some of the benefits of hijama for ladies and gents are mentioned below:

  • Pain Relief

Pain relief is one of the most effective benefits of cupping therapy. The cup stretches out the skin’s tissues which helps to reduce pain and aches.

  • Treatment for Many Diseases


Cupping therapy is very effective in the treatment of many health-related problems. Such as lung disease, hypertension, and blood disorders as hemophilia and anemias. Cupping is very effective in treating these health problems because the therapy increases blood flow.

  • Stress relief
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Cupping therapy helps in many kinds of disorders. When it comes to mental health stress is the main cause of many disorders. Cupping therapy works in an excellent way to decrease stress and anxiety by improving blood flow in the nerves.

Side Effects of Hijama

  • Infection

In the wet cupping technique when the cup is removed tiny cuts are made on the skin with a scalpel which sometimes may cause infection. When the clean and neat instruments are not used during the treatment.

  • Bruising

Some people feel pain and get bruises on the skin after the application of suction cups. But it is not necessary that everyone feel the same. Some people won’t feel any pain. They may not be painful for some of the individuals.

Benefits of Hijama Infographic


Check this detailed infographic in which you can check 10 health benefits of Hijama for everyone. It includes benefits of Hijama on head, Hijama benefits for skin, Hijama benefits for weight loss, and much more.

Hijama Benefits infographic


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