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How to create your first WordPress Website in few minutes

Last updated on April 9, 2019


Most of the people who wanted to start freelancing as a career they look for some easy tasks like data entry projects, but they failed to earn a good amount with such type of work as there is no income in such projects. They are just a waste of time. If you wanted to make money online, then Search Engine Optimization, Graphic designing, logo designing, app development, and web development are some good fields which you can select.

Web development is considered as a highly paid job on all freelancing sites and it is very much true. If you have to start your career as an expert web developer then you need to get experience and proper training of PHP or .net framework which are used to create the websites from scratch.


Apart from web development, there are some more ways to make money online in Pakistan.

But if you don’t have a grip on these languages, even then you can start your career as a web developer freelancer. There are different content management systems like Joomla, Shopify, WordPress and much more. You can learn to create a good looking professional website using any of these CMS and can add or remove different functions from the website.

For the portfolio, company, business type websites, WordPress is widely used CMS whereas, for shopping stores, Shopify is more popular than WordPress. In this article, I will tell you about WordPress and how you can easily create a website easily in just a few minutes using WordPress CMS.

Buy a Hosting & Domain

The first thing that you need to create a website is to purchase a domain name and a good hosting account. Before you buy a domain, first do a proper search for what name should be suitable for your website and then search for domain name availability from any domain registrar website. As per my experience, Godaddy is the best domain registrar as it has a good user interface and easy tools to manage your domain name. You can get cheap domain name registration and web hosting from Godaddy to host your website.


If you don’t like Godaddy you can find many other services as well like Fatcow, iPage, Bluehost, Hostgator, and many more hosting providers. As you are going to develop a WordPress website so try your best to get a WordPress hosting. There could be a difference of price b/w a simple and a special WordPress Essential hosting because it provides specialized support for WordPress platform.

If you choose Fatcow then they will charge you for WordPress hosting per year at about $150 USD while Bluehost will charge about $359 for the same. Both Fatcow & Bluehost are the best WordPress multisite hosting which means they allow you to host as many domains as you want at their single hosting plan. You don’t need to buy different hosting plans for different domains.

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Install WordPress on your Domain

Now you just need to install WordPress CMS on your domain which will be done in just a few clicks. There are two different methods for WordPress Installation, one takes only a minute or two while the other takes about 10 to 15 minutes. It all depends on how do you install WordPress.

Installation of WordPress from CPanel

Fatcow and Bluehost both are WordPress 1 click install hosting which means you can install the CMS buy just 1 click. For this, you need to access your Cpanel and from there you have to find the option of “WordPress” which you can find mostly under “Software” or “CMS” tab.

Once you find that option you have to click on that, it will ask you to select a domain which you want to associate with this WordPress installation. After domain selection, it will ask you for the Title of the website, admin username, admin email and password you want to choose. Just fill these details, click on next and wait for only a minute.

Your WordPress blog will be installed on your selected domain in no time and you are all set to manage your newly created website.

Installation of WordPress through FTP

There are a few steps involved in WordPress installation via FTP, just follow these steps one by one:

  1. Download WordPress installation files from
  2. Open your FTP client software, FileZilla is the best FTP application you can use.
  3. Enter your credentials which you can get from your hosting provided into FTP software to get access to your online files.
  4. Upload the WordPress installation files in a public_html folder via FTP.
  5. These files should not be compressed, if you get a compressed file i.e .zip then you need to extract before or after the uploading of files.
  6. Now create a database from your MySql option in your Cpanel and also create a user for that.
  7. Note down the DB Name, Database Username, Password for Database and Database host. (You can ask the support of your hosting provider to tell you about your database host or you can Google it as well).
  8. After all the files are uploaded to your hosting account via Cpanel, get access to the wp-config file.
  9. In this file find the options where it is asking for DB name, Username, Password and DB hostname. Enter the values accordingly and save this file.
  10. Now it’s all done, you just need to run the installation file by accessing your domain name and installation file.
  11. Just write in your browser (where yourdomain is the name of your domain which you have purchased).
  12. It will ask you for the language selection and the username password for your WordPress website and that’s it.
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Now you are all set to access your Website’s admin panel by writing in a browser

Install a WordPress Theme

After you have installed WordPress successfully now you have to select a beautiful theme for your website. A default theme will be applied to your site but you can change it. You can buy a premium WordPress theme and install it or you can get the free themes from your admin panel.

To get a free theme just go to Appearance >> Themes >> options from your admin panel. From there select a theme of your own choice, you can also search for different themes. Once you select a theme, click on install and then click on activate to view that theme on your public website.

To get a premium WordPress theme you can visit sites like ThemeForest and some more to select the theme of your own choice from thousands of available designs.

If you have downloaded a premium theme from any seller, and you want to install it via your admin panel, then go to Appearance >> Theme >> Upload option and then select your downloaded theme’s zip folder. It will install your theme in a few seconds. Then go to themes options and from there you can activate the theme.

If you want to install the theme from FTP just like you installed the WordPress, then access your public_html folder from FTP and upload the theme file (Unzipped) in wp-content >> themes folder and then from the admin panel, go to themes and activate newly added WordPress theme.

Install WordPress Plugins

To add different functions you can access the Plugins option from your WordPress admin panel and then click on add plugin and search for different plugins. Like for on-site SEO you can install “All in one SEO” or “Yoast” plugin. Both are very famous and useful plugins. For creating a contact us form on your website or a quote form, you can install the “Contact Form 7” plugin.


Set Widgets in Sidebar

After installation of your desired plugins, add different widgets that you would like to show to your visitors in the sidebar of your website. For example, you can add recent posts widget, related posts widget, show a Facebook or other social page widget, Most visited post widget or simple Text/HTML widget box. These widgets will add beauty to your website.

Create Pages on your New WordPress Website

In the sidebar of your admin panel, you can find the option of pages, select add a new page and create as many pages as you want like Contact Us page, About us page, Privacy Policy and anything else you like.

Create New Posts on Your WordPress Website’s Blog

For blog posts, you will find the option of “Post” in the side menu of the WordPress admin panel. You can create new posts from that option. Like you want to give different tips to your readers, create a post for those tips, give it an attractive title, write your content in the body section, and select/create a category from the categories option available on the right side and just click on publish once you are satisfied with your post.

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Create a Menu for your WordPress Website

Few websites have pre-designed menus, but you can create the menu of your choice as well. Navigate to Appearance >> Menu >> Create a menu. From here write a name for your menu and click on create the menu. Then you can add different categories and/or pages from the options available on the left side.

You can also add a custom menu by providing a title and URL and add that to your menu items. By simply drag and drop method you can rearrange your menu and you can set the submenus as well. After setting the menu properly, click the option where you want to show this menu i.e. top menu, main menu or footer menu.

It depends on your theme settings, few themes just has the main menu, while other themes have more options. Once you select the location of your menu, click on save and your menu is read on your website.


Till here, we have informed you almost every basic thing you need to know about creating your first WordPress website. But you might be interested to know more, then you must visit TheBloggerCity for some amazing WordPress facts.

Allow Search Engines to Index Your Site

When you have a newly created website, WordPress will block the search engines to index your site as it is not ready for the public view. Once you have created menus, posts, pages and installed a good theme and you are all set to go live, navigate to Settings >> Reading option from the admin panel and deselect the option which says “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”.

Request Google to Index your New WordPress Website

After allowing search engines to index the site, you need to request Google to index your website for the first time. You have to visit the page and there you have to provide your website’s main URL and then click on submit a request after passing the “I am not a robot” test.

Now you have done everything that you need to develop your first WordPress website and then adding it to Google search engine for indexing so that you can get good rankings in search engines and get traffic from that.

If you like this tutorial about WordPress website development then share it with your friends on your social media profiles/pages and if you find anything missing, or you are not clear about any point, just ask us in the comments below.


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