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How Many Calories Should You Have A Day To Maintain Weight


Whenever you are out to eat some junk food or food which contains many calories in it, you must think of its quantity, quality, taste and above all, how many calories it has.

To keep yourself mentally and physically healthy, you must measure your daily routine food whether it be junk food, healthy diet food or light food. Try to keep a track of your daily calories you are going to take in and out.

This is important to make a clear answer to your question that how many calories are you supposed to eat a day? Well, it’s not an unimportant and unnecessary question. To keep a track of your daily nutrients will help you maintain your physique and body figure.

Understanding Calories and the Role they play

First of all, calories can never be measured in length or weight. It is a unit that you take in your food to get energy. When you talk about calories, you are talking about the total units that provide you energy in daily routine.

The role of calories in our daily life is important yet dangerous in some places. Our human body utilizes calories for following purposes such as:

  • Pumping blood
  • Breathing
  • Resting
  • Working
  • Exercising
  • Sitting

Hence, many other functions are present in our body that is performed by calories. So, basically they are used to maintain a measurement of energy that all the foods contained in them, and also the amount of energy your body is going to use.

Importance of Calories in vs. Calories Out

Calories are the key function of our body. We can’t stop taking in the calories because our body needs it whether we take them in light form or heavy form.

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Every human who is diet conscious must think that how many calories for a man to lose weight? For this, you must learn some important things about Calories In and Calories Out.


Calories In

Whatever we eat and drink must contain some amount of calories in it. According to the obvious thing like water, every food has calories in it. The calories which are being consumed by us and then we take in with the help of our body is usually known as Calories In.

Calories Out

Other than calories in, we have Calories out on the other hand which is also far more important than calories in. When somebody gets too much fat and wants to know the concept that how many calories should you burn a day, then you must consume or burn those calories which you have taken.

Everything we do such as exercise, running, walking, talking, and working help in burning the calories.

There are 3 types of effect which result in your daily calories intake and helps you to understand how many calories I need to maintain my weight.

  • Caloric Surplus: when Calories In beats Calories Out
  • Caloric Deficit: When Calories Out beats Calories In
  • Maintained Caloric: when both In and out are balanced/equal

How Many Calories for Men to Maintain Weight?

Calories vary from person to person. Man must know the concept of calories intake and calories takeout the concept so that he or she may know the content of that food you are going to eat.

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Most of the times, calories depends upon some general fact such as gender of human, weight, lean weight, age, genetics, and activity level. Every individual is different and every man and woman always think of how many calories do I eat to lose weight.

If we talk about men, they usually have more weight than women. So, calories vary from individuals to individuals. A man with average weight needs to take about 2500 calories to maintain his weight.


How many calories for Women to Maintain Weight

In contrast to men, women have less weight. A woman needs to take about 2000 calories a day to maintain her body and health. She should burn 1500 calories to lose about 1 pound of weight in a week.

This is the perfect answer for those women who are in search of a riddle that how many healthy calories intake for a woman daily.

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How Many Calories for adults and kids to maintain weight

As compared to woman and men, kids have less activity level and age difference so, according to the health professionals, a 10 years old child may take about 1600 calories a day. Their physical activity level is light so they need to consume fewer calories.

Recommended Diet Plan for Balanced Calories in Calories Out

There is a 1200 calories diet plan which is recommended by most of the nutritionists. To clear the confusion of how many calories should you eat to lose weight, just need some suitable and proper diet plan.

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A 1200 calories diet plan will cover all the food nutrients groups like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and calcium. Each will contribute its allowed portion/amount to achieve the goal.

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