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How to do successful Email Marketing and What are the Best Tools

Last updated on March 28, 2019


There are different methods for online marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Paid advertisement, Email Marketing and much more. Usually, newcomers don’t give much importance to Email marketing and they believe that Social media marketing is more effective as it is easy to send friend requests and getting more followers.

Whereas getting a real and active email address is a comparatively tough job. But it is a fact the Email Marketing is the second best strategy to boost sales and getting more customers after organic traffic.


New bloggers and marketers believe that most of the Emails caught by spam filters and go to junk. Somehow it is true, but the main reason of this problem is that people don’t run the campaign properly, they spam too much and eventually, their messages and email are caught by the spam filters.

With proper study and getting knowledge of effective email marketing can boost your sales by getting more and more customers and can increase the return on investment as well.

Why Email Marketing is Better Choice:

Other marketing methods are costly and time-consuming as you have to do different tasks and you have to hire specialists in each field for different tasks.  But if you want to send emails to your potential and current customers then you only need a good data of email addresses and you are all set to send your well-designed promotional images to targeted consumers.

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You can also hire an agency for this task which will be cheap as well when you compare the promotional costs with other marketing methods, but the good part is that you can do this very well on your own by spending only a couple of hours daily or even less.

Along with this you can also monitor your campaigns by different analytic tools and can change your strategy according to the response of your recipients.


How to Run Effective Campaigns:

To run an effective email marketing campaign, the first step is to gather the right email addresses. The best way is to offer some free stuff to your visitors and from different online tools and ask them to subscribe to your newsletters willingly. If they subscribe to your emails, then your emails won’t go to junk or spam folders.

You should also design a creative infographic to introduce your services and to tell the people why you are the best. Also by links bring your customers to their relevant pages instead of sending all the customers to the main page.

Since people are using emails on different devices, like laptops, mobiles, tablets, and other big screens, so try to build your images to fit for each screen. Better to focus on Mobile Email Marketing as more than 60% user is on mobile devices and Smartphone.

Best Available Tools for Email Marketing:

There are different automated tools are available for Email marketing but “ActiveCampaign” and “GetResponse” are the best software for this. Both are very affordable and easy to use interface and there you can find a lot of email templates which you can use to interact with your potential customers in a better way.

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