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Avoid Plagiarism and Auto Generated Content To Become a Successful Blogger

avoid plagiarism for success

There is no doubt that blogging is a good way to earn some good money online and working during your free time. But it is not simple to earn from blogging as many bloggers complaints that they are not getting enough traffic on their blogs and if some bloggers are getting good traffic, they’re earning through Google Adsense is not good.


Whereas you can find many bloggers who earn very good amount from blogging and they are very well satisfied with their full time or part-time blogging routine.

The main reason behind many unsuccessful bloggers is that they don’t follow the proper way of blogging and they failed to realize that only updating your content is not enough. Quality, unique and appealing content is a key to success for bloggers.

More than 70% of bloggers update their blogs on daily basis but they select random news from NEWS websites and publish it on their blog by using a spinner to spin the content in order to make it unique.

But they failed to realize that no spinner can provide you quality content, it can only provide you meaningless content which real readers would never like to read and when you have spun content on your blog readers will start leaving your blog and they don’t get back to you because of low-quality content. This will improve the bounce rate which is very bad for organic Google rankings.

About 10% to 15% of bloggers are those who don’t even bother to spin the content they copy-paste the articles and NEWS stories from different sites and update that on their blog.

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This is not only illegal but also unethical because using the content of other people without their permission is obviously not good. And Google also doesn’t like this.


Even if you write your own content you should be very careful about this that your content is not matching with some other website’s content otherwise it will be caught as plagiarism or copied content and Google can penalize your website if you do so.

You should use a plagiarism detector that can check your content if there is any copied portion on the internet already available.

You can find good plagiarism software on the internet which can tell you if your content is copied or not. Like PrePostSEO provides you, free plagiarism checker, where you can paste your article or you can upload your .doc file and it will give you the result of copied material. It will provide you good detail and also inform you how much content is copied in percentage.

It will also show you the sources from where your content is copied or matching. So I would suggest all the bloggers use the best free plagiarism checker from PrePostSEO.


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