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How to check BIOS version and how to update it

Last updated on October 29, 2017


Updating your BIOS requires you to know the current version of your BIOS. If you know the version then you can compare it with the latest version available on motherboard manufacturer’s website. Basic Input/Output System, in short BIOS, can boost the booting speed and overall performance of your system and it can also help your system to stay cool and avoid overheating issues. Upgrading BIOS with a wrong file or wrong version may cause damage to your computer so always ask the experts before you try to upgrade your BIOS version.

How to check BIOS version

There are two easy methods you can use to check your motherboard’s BIOS version and its date.


  1. Check BIOS version from CPUZ: This is a small application which you can download from CUPID. It will provide you .exe file which you need to run as administrator to get to install on your system. After you install this application, run CPU Z from your desktop. It will show you all the details related to your CPU, cache, Motherboard, Memory, Graphics and much more. From motherboard or mainboard section you can check the brand, version, and date of your BIOS.

Check bios version from CPUZ

  1. Check BIOS version from Windows Registry: You can also check BIOS version from the registry of your Windows if you don’t want to download and install CPUZ. Go to search or “run” from start menu, write “Regedit” and hit the enter button. It will open registry of your Windows, from here you should navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> HARDWARE >> DESCRIPTION >> System >> BIOS. It will show you BIOS vendor, BIOS version and release date of your BIOS.
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check bios version from windows registry

From above two easy steps you can easily check the version of your BIOS and after checking the version you can find a way to upgrade your BIOS.

How to Update Motherboard BIOS

Updating motherboard BIOS is not a difficult task if you know the manufacturer of your board. You just need to go to their official website and after searching for your board’s model you can download the utility file that can update your BIOS. Most of the vendors like DELL, HP, and ASRock provide good support and BIOS update utility for free from where you can update the BIOS. For example, Bios update for ASRock can be easily done by visiting their official website.

There are manual methods as well which requires to store your files on a USB stick and then after making it bootable you can upgrade your BIOS from DOS. But these methods are complex and difficult to understand. Manual methods to upgrade BIOS version also risky as if you upgrade the BIOS to the wrong version you won’t be able to turn on your computer or you will face many other problems. So it is recommended to always update motherboard BIOS from the official bios update utility provided by the vendor.


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