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How to Choose the Best Sunglasses: Six Things to Consider

how to chose the sunglasses

Most of the people look for trendy and modern sunglasses and they buy that looks good on them. But they ignore the basic purpose of the sunglasses which is to block the ultraviolet (UV) rays. In this article, I am going to provide you a few tips for buying the best sunglasses. You should consider these 6 things before you buy the sunglasses for you.


1. Block 100% UV Rays

Most of the people when choosing sunglasses they ignore this very basic feature of the glasses. If you are going to buy the sunglasses of a good brand then you will find a sticker on that. Look for this sticker, if it says that it can block 100% UV rays, then this is the best fit for you. Otherwise, you need to look for some other lenses that can protect your eyes.

2. Dark Lenses Are Not Best

Many people believe that dark lenses can protect the eyes from the ultraviolet rays but this is not true in every case. Dark lenses look good and stylish, but it is not necessary that they will provide the best protection to your eyes.

3. Bigger is Better

As we said earlier, the basic purpose of the sunglasses is to protect the eyes from the ultraviolet rays. So, look for the bigger size as it can provide more protection by blocking the UV rays entering your eyes from the side as well.

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4. Cost Doesn’t Matter

A lot of people believe that costly sunglasses are better in providing protection. But this is not true as the price of the lenses doesn’t matter. If a good brand is providing cheap sunglasses with 100% UV-blocking tag then it is as good as any other costly glasses. So, don’t waste money on big brands. Just look for the quality. If you can get the quality sunglasses at a reasonable price then it is good enough.

You can check the Maui Jim sunglasses reviews as they are good at blocking the UV rays and comes at a very reasonable price.

5. Color Doesn’t Matter

As we said earlier color doesn’t mean that they will block more sun rays. But yes they have other features which you should consider. For example, some lenses with grey, amber or green color can provide more contrast and these colors are thus better for the athletes. But remember, they don’t help in blocking extra sun just because of the color.

6. Polarized Lenses

If you are getting polarized lenses that would be a good choice too. It will not block more sun rays, but it can cut the glare. Glare produced by the reflective surfaces like pavement or water can be reduced by these polarized lenses. It can make your driving easier, so it could be a good choice as it cuts glare not because it blocks more UV rays.

American Academy of Ophthalmology also offers this simple 6 things to consider when buying sunglasses. So, remember these things and after considering these 6 things, you can consider more factors like frame should be comfortable, it should look good with your personality and a few more.

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