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How to Correctly Adjust the Binoculars – A Computer User Guide


One of the most beautiful experiences is enjoying nature through the view of a binocular. It is fascinating to watch the spring dress of a native bird species with binoculars and always fascinating to venture into the world of astronomy. These are just a few moments that can be viewed with binoculars in a very special way and never be forgotten.

The details that open up in front of your eyes will always burn in your memory. However, binoculars require a very careful treatment because the different optical components ultimately determine the visual quality.

There is also the possibility that the binoculars after some time would no longer offer the usual optical quality. It can even happen that you no longer see any picture. Only two round images show up as soon as you glance through the binoculars.

This is a sign that the binoculars need to be adjusted because the optical components are no longer matched. Be rest assured that the binoculars are not defective, it just needs to be reset, which will be explained step by step in the following section.

A binocular can be easily adjusted when, for example, it falls down or has suffered a shock. If you own a Porro prism binoculars, it is quite easy to set the binoculars again. To regain an optimal viewing experience again, proceed as follows.

When should binoculars be adjusted?

There are certain guidelines to follow when adjusting your binoculars. First, it should always be ascertained whether an adjustment is really necessary. In order to determine this, the binoculars are best mounted on a tripod so that it can be easily fixed to a point. In the following step, the glass should be placed in such a way that you can observe the landscape in a pleasant way, for example, from a chair.

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If you can see everything clearly, a new adjustment of the binoculars is not necessary. If however, you see double images or even begin to feel dizzy when looking through the binoculars, then the initial adjustment is no longer sufficient and needs to be repeated. It is particularly advantageous if you can look for a building which has straight lines in the horizontal and in the vertical. It is also important that this object is at a further distance.

Once this object has been targeted, it is advisable to look once with the right eye and once with the left eye through the binoculars. If the right and left eyes are closed quickly when looking through, the difference in the visual impressions is easy to see. It may also occur that one feels like the objects always bounce back and forth.

Vertical misalignment may be more problematic than horizontal adjustment. The human eye can only pick up highly vertically displaced objects, but the horizontal differences are easy to spot and completely unproblematic.

If the binoculars are not adjusted correctly, it is possible that the wall horizon will bounce once with an alternated view upwards and once downwards. This is a sign that there is a need for another adjustment.

If it is possible, two screwdrivers should be used at the same time to adjust the screws, and it should also be seen through the binoculars at the same time.

However, you have to be very careful, since only minimal twisting is necessary to adjust the prisms correctly. A fir tree is also particularly well-suited object to keep in focus when adjusting your binoculars.

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Once the images of the wall edge or the branches have been brought into line, then you know the adjustment has been optimally achieved. The view should be sharp again in this case and be completely pleasant to observe through the binoculars.

Adjusting a pair of binocular basically involves repeated alternate observation through the right and left lenses. Once you get the best version of the object then the check is completed and the adjustment is done.

But what can happen is that the adjustment is not as optimal for a second party who needs to use the binocular?  Not all human eye resemble each other, but that too is not a problem.

Even the slightest change in the eye position can lead to differentiated visual impressions. In this case, the other person has the possibility to compromise your adjustment and then you readjust the device once it is returned.


As an adjustment, the focus of the object, which one would like to observe, is designated. But when trying to focus, it is important to note that the lower limit corresponds to the minimum distance of the upper limit. The infinite adjustment is provided by means of an over stroke, which has 3 to 7 diopters. This guarantees that myopic eyes can still focus. The case is different for far-sighted people because the minimum distance is slightly larger.

The minimum distance between 50 cm and 20 m is available on the market. The construction of the devices, such as the lens calculation, the configuration as well as the glass grades are absolutely decisive. In the case of the older Porro prisms, which are still used today, the minimum focus distance is 3 to 10 m.

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If you want to look under 2 m, this can be very tiring for the human eye because the eye pupils are rotated on the inside and the binoculars have to be placed closer to the eyes. It also happens that the eyes perceive very different sections of an object through the parallax, in the brain, however, a uniform picture is represented.

With Porro prisms binoculars in which the prisms are installed in reverse, a relaxed sight up to a distance of 50 cm can easily be obtained. This makes it possible to observe insects for example. To enhance the focus of a binocular, an ergonomic adjustment wheel which can be adjusted during use is present on all devices. However, the adjustment of the prisms is necessary only when you notice anomalies.

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