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How to Custom Design Websites Landing Pages?


Landing pages are the most important part of any website. They can make or break the user experience. The custom design pages are needed to be carefully designed and planned. Following are the few steps which should be in mind of the developer before creating the first page of any website.

The first page of the website is always the key. The page should be simple and there shouldn’t be too many things on the first page. Normally people make mistakes by adding too many things on the first page. When there are many things on the main page, the message of the website is not being delivered. Always try to add high-quality images so that people can feel the sense of the website.


Diving the page into different sections is always good to make sure that content which has been given space is catchy and wanted to be read. What most people do, is they make their first page full of the review comments of the people. Review comments are good but they put the bad impression on the people visiting the website.

If your website is selling something make sure that has been properly highlighted. Sometimes the most prized item of the website is hidden under layers of content. If your website is doing a giveaway, give it a proper spotlight with high-quality pictures.

Always have one offer to display on your page. When people finally come to your website page. Make sure they are not leaving without anything to give away. Call to action buttons is very necessary if they are being displayed for option only. Don’t confuse people with too many things. More things mean people end up getting confused. Repeating CTA is not a problem, more means higher the probability of landing the guest.

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It is not that easy and simple to custom design a landing page for a website. To get the attention of the people towards the custom offers, utilize the icon strategy. This strategy helps people to focus on what you are trying to sell. But the number of icons that are directing the visitor’s attention should be simple enough.


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