How to Do a Proper Deadlift? Complete Pictorial Guide: Sapna Vyas

How-to-Do-a-Proper-Dead lift

Deadlifting is the best exercise for beginners and regular weightlifters. It is a compound exercise that is perfect for your quads, gluteal muscles, traps, hamstrings, lower back shoulders, and forearms. It works on about 25 muscles at the same time. Remember, if you do the deadlift correctly, you will feel like a beast, but for this, you should know how to do a proper deadlift.

Caution: You should have a good personal trainer to start deadlifting otherwise if you do it on your own, you might get serious injuries. Those who have back pain problems should also avoid this exercise.

As we mentioned that you will feel like a beast if you know how to deadlift properly. But if you do it wrong, you will be in trouble. So, you have to follow the beginner’s guide provided by Sapna Patel Vyas for proper deadlift program. If you follow the deadlift techniques of Sapna Vyas, you will be safe from injuries.

How to Do Proper Deadlift?

Before you start the exercise in the gym, you should know how to deadlift properly. For this, you should know the three-step procedures and should know the proper stance and positions of your feet, head, back and grip to do a proper deadlift.

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Positions that you should focus for deadlift are:

  • Stance
  • Foot Position
  • Head Position
  • Back Position
  • How to Grip
  • How to Pull

Proper Deadlift Stance


The best stance for a heavy deadlift is a hip-width stance. It means that your heels should be in line with the hips. The distance between your feet should be exactly as the hips width. This is good as your legs will not block your arms. If you open the heels too wide as the width of your shoulders, your legs will block your arms which is not good for deadlift.

You can open the feet to 15-degree angle or you can keep the feet toes straight.

Foot Position for Deadlift


Three positions are shown in the above picture. If you keep the bar too close to your shins that is the wrong position. You will not be comfortable while lifting the bar. If your foot position is like the second picture where the bar is above your toes then you can lose your balance while lifting the bar. This position can cause you pain in the lower back.

The correct position of your foot should be like shown in the 3rd picture. The bar should be exactly above the mid-foot.

Head Position for DeadLift


If you look down at your feet, it will round the upper back and can result in injury as your lower back will have an excessive round which puts pressure on the spinal discs. If you have a mirror in front of you and you look in the mirror with a straight head, it will cause neck pain so don’t look in the mirror to check your position.

The best head position is to keep your head neutral and look down, not at your feed, but straight in the position of the head. The top of your head should be in line with the lower back. This is the best head position for deadlift.

Back Position for Deadlift


If you keep your back rounded, you might get injured as your spinal disc can be affected. So, your back position should be straight and flat from lower back to your shoulders. If you do this, you will be in a good position for deadlifting and you can avoid injuries.

How to Grip The Deadlift Bar


The mixed grip is best for the deadlift bar. In the mixed grip, the one hand is facing inward while the other hand facing outward. The question is why should you use this grip? To get the answer you should understand that when you lift the weight and keep both hands facing to the same direction there is a chance that deadlift bar might roll and you may lose the grip.

When both hands facing to the same direction, your 8 fingers are rounded to one direction to hold weight while only two thumbs are in another direction which is not enough to hold the weight. But in a mixed grip 4 fingers and one thumb are in each direction. So this is a good grip to hold the heavy deadlift bar.

How to Pull Deadlift Bar


Don’t pull the weight only with the help of your lower back. You must push your feet towards the ground to get the power of our legs. If you use the muscles of your legs and butt then you will have good support of the whole body to pull the deadlift.

After lifting the weight, don’t lean back. If you extend the lower back to the top, you might get an injury. Also, don’t bow in the forward direction. You must stand straight. If you can’t because the weight is heavy, reduce the weight but don’t compromise on your posture.

How to Deadlift Properly

Here is a summy about how to deadlift properly in 3 simple steps. Keep in mind the positions and postures from the pictures and explanation provided above.


  • Move towards the deadlift bar and stand properly. Adjust your feet, keep the recommended distance between feet and make it sure that the bar is above your mid-foot.
  • Now you have to hold the bar using a mixed grip, keep the head up, back straight and flat, don’t look in the mirror, keep your chest out. Inhale.
  • Take a big breath, push your feet towards the ground and stand up. Hold your breath. Keep the bar against legs but remember don’t lean backward or don’t shrug. Once you have locked your hips and knees, you can exhale if you have to lift the weight for a long time. Never exhale when you are lifting the bar on the way up.

Your first deadlift is done. Now you have to move your hips backward, keep the lower back straight and put the bar on the ground. Now you can take rest for a few seconds and then you can start your next rep.

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Remember, if you have a problem in your back or if you feel the pain while deadlifting, consult with your physician and ask him if it is okay for you or not. Also, don’t try this if you don’t know how to deadlift properly.

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