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(Updated) Top Tips on How to Gain Followers on Instagram

Last updated on August 30, 2022

How to Gain Instagram Followers

Many entrepreneurs who use Instagram as a business profile often question themselves about how to gain more followers on IG account.

Perhaps you have identified yourself with the situation for your business, or even for your personal profile. 

In this article, I present some surefire tips to teach you how to gain followers on Instagram. The main reason for having more followers on Instagram is to maintain a sales strategy.

In short, this means that the more followers, the more engaged audience, and the results that are actually covered in sales and customers, your business has. 

It is possible to upar seguidores on Instagram and facilitate the path to better engagement and faster results.

Keep reading for information on how to gain followers on Instagram and answer your questions.

Why & How to gain more followers on Instagram

You may have asked yourself several times, how could you gain more followers on your Instagram profile, be it commercial or personal.

I advance as soon as there is a safe, fast and that offers an excellent immediate result, which is to comprar seguidores barato so you can increase the credibility of your brand on the network, have a greater engagement among your customers and a greater proportion of your business promotion. 

So the question arises as to why to make this investment in the social network and what returns it can offer. Before solving these doubts we need to clarify some information about Instagram.

It is one of the most used social networks at the moment, so much so that there is an average of one billion users using the network worldwide.

In addition, surveys show that more than fifty percent of Internet users research, search and make purchases through the network. 

There are several advantages to using Instagram and its special features for those who have a business profile. If you know your business, you can grow it over Instagram and other social platforms. 

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You can use stories, which are short content in video format or photos, videos and quality photos in the news feed as well, information about the products and services offered, everything that can attract customers to your business.

Importance and how to get followers on IG (Instagram)

Certainly, the growth of your profile will strengthen your brand and provide greater engagement between customers and potential customers.

It is for this and so many other reasons that it is important to learn how to get more followers in Instagram for free. 

In this article you will find tips throughout this content to help you gain more followers on Instagram for free and promote the engagement of your business, they are:

  • Connect your Instagram profile with your other networks. 
  • Offer quality in the production of your photos and videos
  • Invest in relevant and varied content about your business
  • Explore IGTV 
  • Make partnerships and sweepstakes relevant to your brand
  • Monitor your metrics

Tips on how to get more followers in Instagram for free

  1. Connect your Instagram profile with other social networks – this tip is very important because people need to know about the existence of your brand on the network, when making your business profile connect your Instagram account to your other networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, it is a very simple action, used only in selecting the option linked accounts, but which can bring a very satisfactory result, imagine that the other followers of your network are so interested in your brand to the point of also following in other channels promoting greater interaction and dissemination with the public.
  2. Quality photos – Instagram is a very visual network, you will agree with me that quality photos and well-produced videos attract a lot of attention, well-made and harmonic images have a visual impact if you have a fashion business, clothes, shoes, accessories, I recommend investing in the production of well-designed essays aligned with the company, well-produced photos have a much higher engagement than homemade photos, value the product you offer, arouse the desire to buy from users, and it is worth remembering that this is the intended end when promoting your services, reverting in sales.
  3. Invest in interesting content- this means that you need to invest in relevant content for your followers and also to capture more followers through your posts and publications, content that touches your audience, and arouses the desire to purchase your service, offer the qualities of your products, seek to study your market niche, research about your persona, understand the pain of the audience that seeks your brand, build a calendar determining each strategy to be taken, establish a frequency to be maintained in the posts, do the analysis of reach metrics and seek to understand engagement levels.
  4. Interact with your followers – Instagram itself made a study revealing that fifty percent of users on the same network, follow brands for establishing an identity with them and based on the content already disclosed by the brand, making interactions with the public very relevant, Instagram can be characterized as a network of exchanges between users and also between users and customers, that is, the more you interact with your audience, through likes, comments, network monitoring and establishing a relationship secure with your followers more credibility and authority your brand will have on the network.
  5. Make partnerships – when another brand promotes your product or service, there is a defined authority, think that another brand will be promoting your business and so you will get more followers through this promotion, it is a sharing of partnerships that shows many results in number of followers, and you can also make use of sweepstakes with other companies in the network thus increasing your brand’s audience.
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Tips on how to gain followers on Instagram using network tools

Instagram is a complete social network, ranging from photos, videos, IGTV, use of hashtags as a search engine, stories, sponsored ads, and other resources that the network offers.

Through Instagram, you can reach a high number of followers for the visualization of your brand when using the right tools in favor of your business. 

  1. Hashtags – that little symbol that looks like a tic-tac-toe game, has an absurd reach of followers, they work as keywords for people to discover content, be careful with the use to not get abusive and tiring, quantity is not quality with this symbol search engine, needs to be used in the right measure and also correlated with your business.
  2. IGTV – is an excellent tool for content diversification, it is briefly a TV inside Instagram, in it you can explore by doing interviews, event coverage, promoting exclusive content, currently, videos are relevant to engagement, according to research posts with video engage two times more than other simple, static posts. 
  3. Stories – this tool is valid for your brand’s interaction with your followers, promoting a greater relationship with your followers, listening to the consumer and consequently increasing the number of followers, through stories you can create content behind the scenes of your brand, video production short of fifteen seconds, you can use interactive filters, produce polls, repost content generated by users, mention other users and partners.

As stated at the beginning of this article, Instagram has been surpassing the position of an application used by many users worldwide just for fun every day. It has also become a very important strategic digital marketing tool for companies and businesses, as it was encompassing its new features showing its ability to expand the visibility of companies, attract customers, and recognize its brand.

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It is expected that after reading this article, you can make a strategic plan for your brand and achieve better results by capturing new followers. 

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