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7 Easy Ways to Get Your Emails Opened and Read

get emails opened and read

Email marketing is an essential component of branding. But in order to succeed with this effort, one needs to develop a strategic plan for writing emails. Experts say that email writing is something like mind reading. The core idea is to trigger some psychological trigger in the brain of the reader so that he can perform the desired action.

Most of the growing businesses these days are making efforts to get their emails answered. But the success rates are really low. If you are also struggling in this direction, we advise you to follow these simple tricks of effective email marketing that can make you noticed in the competitive market.


Add effective subject lines

Reports reveal that only 20 to 40% of emails are actually opened on the other side; however, the subject lines are seen by most subscribers. In order to boost the open rate for your marketing emails, it is important to add some catchy, short and information subject lines. Prefer to add some mystery to this field, or you can put a personalized question.

Tone of content

While writing your emails, portray the content in such a manner that it motivates people to connect. Show your recipients that their replies are more valuable to you. Note that, people receive hundreds of emails every day; they do not find to open them all. But if you use compelling content, you can trigger their actions in favor of your brand.

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Put interesting information

The prime motive of your emails must be to deliver the right and most desirable information to your audience. Experts advise writing short, simple and easy to read emails so that today’s busy consumers can get the central idea with ease.

With your quick to digest content, prefer to make them understand how your company can be beneficial for their needs. Show how your brand can solve their potential problems and why you are better than the other competitors in the market.


Add a call to action

Your email marketing campaign is incomplete without a potential call to action. Make sure you make your emails dead simple for the recipients, and they can automatically agree to say yes. Don’t ask for permission to contact in future rather state a compelling line like “Contact me now to get more details.” The idea is to prove your credibility and reputation in the business industry.

Choose the right timings

If you want your customers to open your emails, connect to them when they are not too busy. The heavy traffic hours must be avoided such as Monday mornings. If we look at the reports, the best time to send emails in the middle days of the week and mid-day.

You should also consider these points for a good internet marketing campaign.

Look professional

The first impression is important in emails as well. Arrange the whole content in such a way that people can draw a positive image of your personality. Don’t make your emails look gimmicky by over-formatting them. The essential information can be highlighted using bullet points.

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Do some homework

In order to succeed with email marketing campaigns, the last but not the least suggestion is to do some homework. Know the taste and preferences of your audience and then create personalized emails to meet their requirements.

Get Your Emails Opened and Read Infographic


Get Your Emails Opened and Read


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