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How to Get More Traffic to Your Website: A Complete Guide

Last updated on December 4, 2020

how to get more organic traffic to your website

After creating a professional and an eye-catching website, the most difficult part is how to get traffic to your website? I have found a lot of bloggers and freelancers who started their blog with exceptional content and they put their effort to make the blog or website unique and better than all their competitors. But they failed to get visitors to their website which ultimately force them to leave the hard work on their blog and they give up very early.

To become a successful blogger and to make money online using Google Adsense or other monetization tools, you should have a good knowledge about how to get more traffic to your website.


How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

There are different methods to drive traffic to your website. Some are instant methods which provide you immediate results whereas some methods require a lot of work and patience. We can divide different methods of getting traffic to the website in 2 main categories:

  • Paid Traffic
  • Free or Organic Traffic

Paid Traffic

As suggested by the term itself, you need to pay to get quick traffic to your website. There are different methods and sources to get paid traffic to a blog or website, but this is not the best way for those who are willing to make money online by monetizing the website.

Big companies who have some products or services to offer use these methods to get targeted traffic to their website and then increase their sales. Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC) is a very famous model to get paid traffic.

Using this method advertise (who needs traffic for his own website) pays the publisher, which could be the website owner, to drive some traffic to his website. Publisher post some ads on his website which already getting good traffic from various parts of the world and he charges for every click.

Google Adwords is also an example of PPC or paid traffic in which advertiser has to pay to Google Inc in order to get targeted traffic for the website.

Another popular and useful but unreliable method is to drive traffic from different social media pages and groups by paying the admins for promoting the website. This is useful for small websites and also useful for short term, but it is not a good method in the long term.

In this method people find some good social media pages for example on Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other platforms, they contact with the owner or admins and ask them to promote the website on their pages.

Facebook traffic can also help you in promoting your website in less time but for this, you should know how to get traffic from Facebook. If you create your own Facebook page or group you can run a paid campaign on Facebook to drive traffic to your website.


But as I have mentioned earlier that getting paid traffic is not good for those bloggers who want to make money online with Google Adsense so they must look for the other ways.

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Free Organic Traffic

The best way for bloggers is to get more traffic to your website with free and organic methods. These methods can provide you traffic and you can make money easily. Many bloggers believe that one has to “Work Hard” to get free organic traffic, but the fact is that you don’t need to work hard, rather you need to work smartly.

Also, check these 9 smart SEO tips to increase organic traffic on the WordPress blog.

If you only work hard without a plan, you need a lot of time to start getting traffic to your website, but if you work in the right direction from day one, you will get very good results in few days.

Optimize the Website’s Load Time

Whether you are getting traffic from Pay per click campaigns or you are getting free organic traffic, you need to optimize your website’s load time. Usually, people don’t wait for a website to load for more than 5 seconds. If your website is taking much more time you will keep losing the visitors as they will close the web page without waiting for the site load. If you decrease your load time, you will see an increase in the conversion and it will also decrease the bounce rate.

website load time infographic

How To Get More Organic Traffic To Your Website

The common mistake from almost 80% bloggers is to start their work without proper plan and strategy. They start their website, upload a lot of content and then they think what next? How can I increase my website traffic? What should I do to make money from my useful and unique content? This is a totally wrong approach.

First, you need to make a plan, a good strategy which includes the search for the topic and spending a lot of time to get some rankable and profitable keywords. Then you need to think about which audience you want to target? How will they react to the content? What would be the requirement of your targeted audience? Do you have the ability to engage the audience you are going to focus?

After getting answers to all the above questions, you need to prepare the proper content which should include well written informative articles that can engage the users to stay on your website. Then you need to make good and unique video tutorials to help people in solving out different problems. You should also include infography because it is well-known fact that a picture is worth a thousand words. No one can deny the importance and influence of content on getting organic traffic.

Focus on Long Tail Keywords


Many bloggers target the keywords with maximum searches because they believe that if they get top page rank with highly searched keywords they will get a lot of organic traffic which can make huge money for them every day. But remember there is a big “IF”. Always remember that it is very difficult to get your new site ranked on top page with highly competitive keywords.

When you start from targeting the high competition short keywords you need much hard work for a long time and even then there are very fewer chances to get your website ranked on the top page. The best way is to focus the long tail keywords with medium searches. Usually, long tail keywords have very low competition and you can get your website on the top page of search engines with smart and easy work.

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Sometimes you even don’t need to create a single backlink and your long tail keyword brings a lot of traffic for your website because of the content and good on-site SEO.

There are different long tail keyword research tools available but for me, Long Tail Pro is the best long tail keyword research tool, which you can use to find the best keywords for which you can get top page ranking in Google and also you can make money using those tools.

Just imagine if you target a keyword which has about 100K-1M average monthly searches and it has very high competition, how much time you need to get on top page with that keyword? The job will not be done even after getting on the top page, you need to be at least in top 5 positions on the first page as well. But what if it took a complete year and you still be able to get on the 2nd page of Google?

If you can’t afford to buy long tail pro, then here is a guide how you can use KWFinder to get best long tail keywords.


There will be no traffic for you with that keyword after hard work of 1 year. But what if you target 10 to 15 mixed long tail keywords with 100-1K and 1K-10K average monthly searches, you will be on top of Google even you can get the 1st position on 1st page of Google within just a few months and you will start getting a reasonable traffic for your website which can ultimately make money for you.

Website Search Engine Optimisation

Why SEO infographic

Many bloggers are already familiar with the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Every blogger should start a blog by keeping all the paperwork needed for good website search engine optimization.

Without a good and smart SEO work, you need a lot of hard work to get your desired position in search engines. Researching for long tail keywords is also part of Search Engine Optimization. I will provide a detailed article and video in future for keyword researching and complete Search Engine Optimization guide through step by step video tutorials.

For the time being, you can visit for getting detailed video tutorials for beginners to experts.


Optimizing the Title Tags

Always optimize the HTML title tags of your page according to the content you have posted on your page and try to focus your main keywords which you are going to target. It is not necessary to use the exact keyword in the title tag, the best practice is to use a meaningful short sentence in your title tag that can cover 3 to 4 keywords in broad terms.

For example, if you have 4 keywords: How to hack facebook account, how to hack facebook password, hack facebook password for free, hack facebook password without software; then you should use a title: How to Hack Facebook Account Password Without Software for Free.

Don’t repeat the words in the title again and again. Like if my keywords are Urdu columns, daily Urdu columns, Hassan Nisar columns; then writing the same “Urdu Columns – Daily Urdu Columns – Hassan Nisar Columns” would be a bad idea to cover the keywords in title tag. I can use it easily all these keywords in a meaningful sentence by writing “Read Daily Urdu Columns of Hassan Nisar”.

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Make SEO Friendly URLs

URLs of your blog or website should be SEO friendly. Different CMS offers SEO friendly URL by default while other CMS provides extra plugins/mods to make the URL of your blog/forum/website SEO friendly. SEO friendly URLs are those which make a sense for the user of the site as well. If you want to create a website on WordPress you can find the option in Settings >> Permalinks. From there, you can select the URL structure of your own choice.

You should also try to use your main keywords in the URL of sub pages to get full advantage of Search Engine Optimization. But make it sure that don’t make very long URLs.

Write Compelling Headlines

Without an attractive headline, your masterpiece article could be gone unread because it is the headline which forces people to click on the headline to see what is unique there. Headline writing is an art and you should make full use of it.


Focus on Guest Blogging on Authority Sites

If you are a good writer, then you should also focus on writing good articles for other authority websites. The article should be related to the content on your own website and you can create a backlink to your own website from authority sites if you are a good writer.

Don’t ignore Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very old technique for promoting your products or services to a wide audience. Though now most of the promotional emails caught by the spam filters but you shouldn’t ignore this useful practice. Just learn how to run a successful Email marketing campaign in a professional way so that most of your emails go directly into inbox rather than junk or spam folders.

Try to avoid creating promotional Emails, give some useful information to the user and offer something free so that users visit your website to get the free offer.

Make Good use of Social Media

I have told you in Paid traffic that you can get visitors to your website by paying some amount to page owners and admins. But in a long-term, you don’t need to do that, you just spend your time in creating good and informative posts on social media accounts.

Use LinkedIn, Facebook and other platforms to provide relevant information to users and some tips and tricks in free. Social media users who are interested in your niche will follow you on social media accounts. Once you have grown your social media page you can promote your website on the social account and you can drive traffic to your website for free.

You must check this guide on how to use LinkedIn to boost your business or website.

I think I have provided a lot of information which can help you in getting traffic to your website or blog for free and with paid methods but if you are still wondering how to increase website traffic, you can ask me anything in the comments section below. I will try my best to get back to your with a proper and useful answer.