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How to get your short independent film noticed by industry professionals

Last updated on October 28, 2017


Making a short film that can provide a positive message that can force people to think about what is going on in the society and how they can make their efforts to make things better for the people around them. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is an example who have won two OSCAR awards for her short films which she makes to show the problems of the women of Pakistan. These short films are a great way to express the filmmaking abilities of individuals and it is also a good way to start the career in film industry.

There are many independent filmmakers who wanted to show their creative work to the world by these types of short movies but they don’t have a good platform to showcase their work and many of them even don’t have good resources to complete their projects. As far as resources are concerned they can find many NGO and other third party investors who can support them if they can describe their mission and project details in a good and professional way.

lionshead film festivalBut to showcase their work to get some promotion and a chance to win awards for their creative work Lionshead Film Festival is a good platform for all the independent film makers. This is one of the best independent film festivals which is organised by the film makers for independent film makers. Using this platform anyone can submit his/her film depending on the topic and the quality.

Recent even of Lionshead Film Festival was organized the previous July and now they are working for the 208 film festival event. Independent film makers can submit their films from their official website with a very small fee of $20. For late submission, there are extra charges which film maker has to pay. After the organizers of this festival receive all the submissions, they will review the submitted movies and then they will present the films to industry professionals and film lover.

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The next film festival will be held in Dallas-Fort Worth Area of Texas. If you have your own short film which you want to get noticed by the world then you must submit your film for Lionshead Film Festival before the deadline submission and your short film can also be selected for an award which would be a big plus.

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