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How to Hire your Digital Marketing Dream Team


Hiring an expert team of specialized individuals is no easy task, especially when it comes to digital marketing! Every company needs a strong and talented team to run their digital marketing operations, it’s literally an essential in this day and age. Whether you’re searching for a digital marketing agency, or you’re looking to hire your own powerhouse team for your business, here’s how to put together the best digital marketing talent:


First things first, you need to know who and what you’re looking for! The positions or skills you should hunt for are:

SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimisation is very important, and you need a professional who can ensure that your content is perfectly reachable and distributed. A link building team, complete with a manager, is usually best found in a digital marketing agency, or outsourced elsewhere.

Social Team

Social media coordinators are very important for any and all businesses. They will drive your outreach and social platforms, engaging with your audience and attracting new visitors to your websites, apps or profiles. The right individual or team will be able to expertly schedule and strategize your posts to ensure that your online engagement is where it needs to be, in order to grow your business!


Accounts, or Relationship Builders

This depends on whether you’re hiring your own, in-house team, or you’re looking for an agency.


If you’re going inhouse, you should try and find individuals who are versed in public relations. You will find that a content expert will have the skillset you need to fill this requirement also.

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If instead, you’re on the hunt for a digital agency, the accounts team or individual will be your first point of contact for all things digital! So be sure that they are attentive, communicative and precise!

Creative Content

A content team will consist of individuals who are skilled in graphic design, video production, and editing, copywriting and social content creation. This team is essential, as it will create and refine your brand presence in a stylish and professional manner.

Email Experts

Email marketing is a very big part of growing your online business. Search for an email manager that is experienced and knowledgeable about what works for different brands and audiences.



Developers are the power behind your platforms! Your website needs to run quickly and efficiently, and a dedicated development team will make sure that your page is always running perfectly. You can outsource this talent, use an agency or hire in-house.


Virtual Assistants

Your virtual assistants are the foundation of your dream team! Hiring a virtual assistant opens up your company to a varied and refined set of skills, at a price that won’t break the budget. A trained and professional assistant can aid your business with data entry, administration, systems optimisation, calendar management, client liaison, and travel – rather impressive for one assistant, right?

The biggest benefit of a virtual assistant is the sheer convenience and simplicity of the arrangement, which is what every team needs to run smoothly!

Agency vs In-house

This is a tricky one, picking between an in-house or agency marketing team can be conflicting. Inhouse teams mean that you’ll always be able to communicate and collaborate with your marketing experts, however, this depends on your business size.

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For smaller companies, or for those that simply don’t have the budget for a full-force digital marketing team, an agency is a much better option! Consider the size and needs of your business before you make your decision.

The perfect digital marketing dream team will be professional, experienced and above all, knowledgeable! You’ll want to find yourself an agency or a team that believes in your business and your brand, a dedicated team always makes for better and more effective output!


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