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7 Ways To Improve Your VoIP Call Quality To Get Crystal Clear Voice

How to Improve VoIP Call Quality

When you are using VoIP for your online conference meetings and for communication, the main focus is to get a crystal clear voice and high-quality video calling. Low-speed internet and low voltage are the main problems associated with VoIP and other voice data services.

You should consult a professional and certified company that provides low voltage solutions for audiovisual integration. Apart from this problem, there are various fixes that you can do yourself in order to improve the call quality of VoIP.

In this article, I will discuss 7 easy ways to improve VoIP call quality. These fixes will also improve your video calling and other data transfer services. So, here we go:

1. Diagnose What Causing Problem

Before you can fix any problems, you need to find what is causing the problem. It could be the failure of your equipment as there might be some hardware problem. In that case, you can replace your equipment or you can get it repaired by the equipment provider.

If there is no problem with the equipment, then it could be a problem in the configuration of the equipment. You should read the user manual and should prioritize the VoIP traffic. When your business is using an internet connection for voice and data then you should configure your router to prioritize the VoIP traffic. \

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2. Check Your Cabling

In a traditional telephony system, a CAT3 cabling system is used. But for modern data transfer and voice services, a CAT5 or higher cabling system is required. If you are using CAT3, it is time to upgrade your cabling system.

You can’t do it yourself, you have to hire a professional company that provides voice and data cabling services and you have to ask them to upgrade your cabling from CAT3 to CAT5 or even CAT6.

3. Choose VoIP Supporting Router

The router you are using must have the VoIP features and you should enable those features as well. Most of the internet service providers like PTCL and others set their routers for web surfing. You should ask them to provide you a router with the priority of VoIP traffic.

After getting the router with VoIP supporting features, ask your ISP to configure the router for VoIP traffic, or you can do it yourself as well. Here you can check how to configure PTCL router.

4. De-jitter your VOIP

In VoIP, data is sent in the form of packets at regular intervals. Sometimes there might be a deviation or displacement in these data packets due to which the voice becomes jittery. This is called jitter in VoIP.

Configuration errors, improper queuing, load on the network, or varied packet delays can cause jitter. If you use a router that has a real-time protocol (RTP) for the audio stream, you can compensate jitter and can get a clear voice on your VoIP connection.

5. Avoid Hubs on Your LAN

The call quality of your setup will definitely suffer if you are using multiple ethernet switches on a single wire. So, you must avoid using hubs in your LAN as it will lead to bad call quality. Make sure that have a dedicated connection is available to your home network switches for each phone in the system.

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6. Use Noise Canceling Headset

When your focus is to get a crystal clear voice, then you can’t afford to use a low-quality and cheap mic. This type of mics can’t remove the noise from the audio signals. You should use a professional mic that has the ability to cancel the noise in the signals.

When you use the right headset, your voice becomes more clear than ever before.

7. Bandwidth of Internet Connection

If the bandwidth of your internet connection is not enough for the VoIP calls, there will be a problem of data packets loss. You will experience pauses, missing voice, or robotic voice during the call.

To prevent packet loss, your internet connection should have a bandwidth of at least 100kbps on both sides. If your internet connection has high bandwidth then there will be no loss of data packets and you will experience a clear call quality.

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