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How to increase sales by creating a good retail blog

Last updated on October 28, 2017


Online presence is key to success in this digital era, no matter in which field you are you can become successful in your field by increasing your online presence. Social media is the main platform which is widely used by many business owners to promote their services or their products. Giant retailers are also using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to increase their sales by reaching out more and more people. There are many small retailers as well who are doing good business only by getting a small online presence.


There are various websites like Daraz and Kaymu who offers small retailers to create their online store in order to get online presence without any effort. Then retailers get orders from their online stores and they have to pay a small amount of commission from 12% to 25% depending on the product to these stores.

But in this way, the consumer has to pay a relatively large amount to get the product so it is difficult to get more orders because in this way retailers can’t compete with the market. The best option for them is to create their own retail blog where they can offer the same products to the consumer in relatively less price and in this way they can increase their sale and profit by selling more products.

From your own retail blog, it would be difficult to start getting the orders, but once you have done everything correctly, you will start getting good sales from your retail blog. The first thing is to create a neat and user-friendly blog which should be easy to navigate and shows the good quality images that should be attractive for the visitors. The product page should provide complete details of the product and it should also state the return policy as well very clearly. There should not be any hidden charges, the price written with the product should be the final price which buyer has to pay. If there are some tax or delivery charges, it should be either mentioned with the price or it should be included in the single price which is mentioned with the product.

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When you start your own retail blog, you should try to create a strong appearance on Facebook by paid marketing and you should get good followers on your business page. From there you can get the visitors on your blog so that they can check all your products at one place.

In the beginning, you should offer very low price for the consumers to attract them, no matter if you don’t earn much profit out of those sales, but if your good quality product reaches to the consumer at low price he/she will give you positive feedback and good comments which will be helpful in getting more customers as people trust on real feedback. Once you have good feedback on your products from different buyers, you can increase the prices a little so that you can earn something from your retail blog.

And finally when your retail blog becomes the known brand which people can trust because of your online presence on social media and good feedback, you can start selling your products at normal prices and you will keep getting orders until you are providing the best quality.


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