How to make profit from every game you play

earn by playing games

Most of the people who play games they waste their precious time in gaming, they might have good gaming skills but they never tried to use their skills to earn some money whereas only a few people knew that they can earn from online gaming by improving their skills. So many events took place all over the world where professional teams participate in gaming competitions and win different prizes. So if you are good in strategy games like call of duty, counter strike, DOTA 2 and other eSports games then you can participate in different events where you can win so much by your gaming skills.

But before you participate in these events, you should test your skills on an online platform and must play with real professional gamers. You can join platform which uses Blockchain gaming, underlying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum which offers you transparent transaction system. With the artificial intelligence, this application tracks all the apps which you are using during gameplay. It will not allow you to use any cheats and other unauthorized apps which can help you in hacking the games or using cheats codes.

The process of playing games on is very simple and can be categorized in 4 simple steps.

Buy Token: 

In the first step to play the game on any supported platform, you need to by the GGS Token. You can buy GGS token directly from the company or you can also use a third party exchanges to buy or sell your GGS tokens.

Send the Tokens:

After you buy the tokens, to play any specified game, you need to send your token to smart-contract of that particular game.

Play the Game:

Now as you have sent your tokens you can play your selected games without any fear of being cheated by others.

Win a Prize:

With your professional gaming skills you can win a lot of games and if you win, you will take your GGS coins and also coins of your competitor back to your account.

And that’s all that you have to do. Once you play online games like this then you can join any team and can participate in any event where you can win real prizes and also can earn money by your gaming skills.

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