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How to make roses and fresh flowers last longer in a vase

Last updated on December 3, 2019


Roses and flowers are the best things you can keep in your room for a fresh fragrance and it is better than any other artificial air freshener that we usually use in our rooms.

On Valentine’s Day, you can express your love and how much you care about your partner by giving her/him a beautiful red rose or you can give a beautiful flower to your mother on mother’s day as a “Thanks, mom” message.

On your wedding day, you want to decorate your room and your bed with a lot of beautiful and colorful flowers including fresh roses and beautiful lilies. In Asian countries flowers are used by newly married or other young girls as a replacement for heavy and costly jewelry and it is called “Gajra”. In short, flowers are an important part of our life no matter which culture or society we belong to.

Having flowers and roses in a room is not just enough; you need to take care of your flowers as well to make them fresh and alive for a longer time. Just like any other living thing, flowers also have life and its fragrance and beauty are related to the life of a flower.

If you don’t take proper care of your flowers then they will die and withered flowers can’t be used to decorate a room. Usually, a flower wilts in 12 to 24 hours after you cut it if you don’t provide a good atmosphere to these flowers.

But with providing a proper atmosphere and just with few steps you can make your roses and flowers fresh and full of fragrance for at least 7 days. There are different methods to make cut flowers fresh for a longer time in a vase.

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  • Act Fast: You have to provide fresh water to cut flowers as soon as possible. If you cut flowers yourself from a garden then bring a small vase with you having some water in it and put the flowers in that vase so that flowers continuously drink water. If you buy a fresh bouquet of flowers then as soon as you bring it at home, open the packing and put that into the water by cutting a small portion of its stem. In this way, the flower keeps drinking water which makes it flowers.
  • Trim Extra Leaves: Before you put the flower in a vase having water in it then make it sure that you have cut the leaves from the stem of the flower. All the leaves which are going to dip under water must be cut off. If you don’t trim these extra leaves then it might create fungus and other bacteria in the water which makes flowers wilt quickly.
  • Cut Stems on an Angle: Before you dip the flower in water, make it sure that you have cut the stem from the end of it. This is necessary because when the stem exposed to air for some time it loses the ability to intake water. When you cut it a fresh surface of stem appears that can intake more water and make the flower fresh last longer. To increase the surface area of the stem to intake water, cut it with a sharp knife on an angle. A 45-degree angle is best to give a maximum area. If you can’t use a knife then you can also use scissors for this.
  • Don’t Overwater: Don’t overwater the vase; make it sure that the water level is slightly lower than the maximum level of the vase so that a small part of stem stay outside of water. It will stop the deterioration of the vase.
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fresh roses last longer

  • Stay away from fruits: Keep your vase having flowers away from fruits especially apples and pears because these fruits make ethylene gas due to which your fresh flowers will wither quickly.
  • Change Water Regularly: Change the water of your vase daily so that flowers can intake fresh water. When you change the water don’t forget to cut the small part of stem again on an angle.

  • Add Bleach: When you change the water don’t forget to add a few drops of bleach or any other flower preservatives. It will kill all the bacteria in the water and keep your flowers last longer. But don’t add too much bleach because you don’t want to kill your flower too.
  • Avoid Overcrowding: Don’t overcrowd the flowers in the vase. If the vase is small then add only a few flowers to keep some extra space between flowers for air. When air passes in between the flowers and its leaves, it will keep the flowers fresh for a longer time. Overcrowding of flowers will stop the air and flowers will get wither in less time.
  • Add Soda: You can also use soda drinks left in bottles to make your flowers fresh. You can mix one-quarter of soda with 3 quarters of water. Sugar in the soda will give your flowers a longer life. If your vase is transparent then use transparent soda like sprite or 7up.
  • Use Aspirin: If you don’t want to use soda then you can also use a tablet of aspirin. On the first day; add one aspirin and on the second day after 24 hours add another tablet. Then you don’t need to add more tablets and your flower will keep fresh for more than a week. But in this case, you don’t need to change the water. You can just add a small amount of flower preservative along with an aspirin tablet.
  • Avoid from Sunlight: Don’t expose your flowers to sunlight for a longer time. Keep your vase of flowers in a cooler and a bit darker place. It will keep your roses and flowers long-lasting.
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There are some useful methods that can long last your fresh flowers for as long as 7 to 10 days and you can enjoy the fragrance of flowers in your room.

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