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How to Make the Most Out of Your Next Cruise Event

Cruise Event

Floating out and relaxing in front of the glorious Sydney Harbour is pretty fantastic. Whether you’re planning a wedding, formal, special event, corporate training day, meeting or Christmas party, the water is definitely the place to do it!


You can even hop aboard for New Year’s Eve or Australia Day Sydney Harbour cruises, it’s a year-round events venue! As if glittering waters, fresh air, and beautiful architecture aren’t enough, there are a few ways that you can make your next event out on the water as amazing as humanly possible.

Organize your path

Think about where you want to go and what you want to see! Most commercial ferries or cruises on the Sydney Harbour don’t have permission to stray into the open water, so keep this in mind! You won’t be venturing too far! Determine the most convenient pick-up and drop off spot for all of your attendees.

If this is a corporate day, this should be close to your office. Maybe you’re organizing a wedding or a party? If so, take a poll and determine which point will be the easiest for everyone attending. This will start the event off on the right foot and means that the journey home won’t be too strenuous!

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Pay attention to your events package

To really get the most out of your special occasion, you should look into the events package that you’re paying for! A good cruise provider will offer a range of add-ons and services to make your day all the more amazing.

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This can include delicious canapes, a buffet, bar service, music, DJ or other entertainment. All of these gestures will make your event majorly memorable. Talk to companies that you’re interested in, sometimes the website just doesn’t have all the answers!

You should know exactly what you’re paying for, and in order to really enjoy all of the convenience and ease that comes with booking a harbor cruise, you should indulge in the add-ons.

Sydney Harbour cruises


Pick the right time of day

To get the most out of your landmark marveling, you should try and be strategic about when you’re holding your event. Of course, if this is a workplace affair this gets a little more difficult, but if you’re on the water purely for pleasure, you have a little more say.

Try and go for that sweet spot where you get to see the entire harbor in the glory of the sun, but also get to enjoy the sunset too! Magic hour, or dusk, really does show off everything that nature and this beautiful city has to offer, so it’s well worth chasing!

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This is also great if you’re holding evening events, docking that extra bit early gets the event off to a gorgeous, magical start.

Secure extra amenities

Add your own personal touch on your harbor experience! Yes, all of the benefits of a package are majorly helpful but sometimes you want to add a more sentimental vibe. Ask your provider if you can bring along a few of your own decorations, floral arrangements or even propose a cocktail for the menu! This will make your day or night above and beyond.

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Venturing the Sydney Harbour really is the best way to host an amazingly unforgettable occasional, all-year-round! Spy the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Kirribilli and view the dramatic natural landmarks that make Sydney oh so special. It’s hard to think of a more unique and special way to celebrate or host a corporate event.


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