How to Burn Fat & Prevent Muscle Loss During Cardio


Exercise is the best option in case you want to lose your fat or you want to stay fit without going to the gym. Cardio exercise can help a lot in burning fat and you don’t even need to join a gym for that. Any exercise which increases the heart rate is called cardio exercise. That is why many people adopt the cardio exercise method to burn their fat. Many of them successfully burn their fats but some of them also lose their muscles in the process of burning fats. No one loves muscle loss at any cost so they wanted to know how to burn fat and not the muscles with cardio?

Intense cardio exercise can cost you losing your muscles but with proper training and knowledge about the cardio exercise, you can prevent muscle loss during cardio.

Duration of the Cardio Workout

Many people believe that the longer the cardio session is, the faster the fats will burn. But this is not true at all. If you have longer cardio sessions lets say for an hour or even two, you will burn the fats, no doubt about that. But this will take your body to catabolic mode due to which the process of fat burning will become slower and difficult after fewer cardio sessions. So the best cardio exercise is one that based on smaller cardio sessions. You can increase the number of sessions but not the duration of the session.

How Much Cardio is Enough?

Well, there is no fixed time in general, it totally depends on every individual and the characteristics of his body. If you have a session of 50 to 70 minutes of cardio exercise, then in most of the cases this is too much and the productivity would be decreased. The best way is to have a 30 to 40-minute cardio session in 24 hours. Always focus on the intensity of cardio session and don’t give importance to the duration of the cardio session.

Maintain the Balanced Diet

During cardio exercise, it is very important to maintain the balance between the diet and the cardio exercise. Most of the people only focus on calories they are taking and calories they are burning during their cardio exercise but they don’t intake sufficient amount of proteins which cause them to lose their muscles along with the fats. Proteins are very important for building up the muscles.

In other scenarios, if you only focus on taking the proteins and not taking enough calories then you will start losing your muscles as well because your body will not have any other option other than taking energy from the muscles after burning a small amount of fat.

These are just a few things we have mentioned here on how you can prevent muscle loss during cardio. More information you can get from the internet. And don’t forget to watch the video by Sapna Vyas Patel a Ph.D. in Nutrition Science and Dietetics, she is explaining the same in more details.

burn fats with cardio not muscle

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