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How to Select the Best Area Rug For Your Room Decoration?


Area Rug Styles Buying Guide

The best way to decorate your house floor and give a unique background for the other decor is to use an area rug. You can switch your home decoration style from classic to modern by just changing your area rung. Here is a short guide about choosing the right area rug for your home.


Rug Styles

There are unending styles of area rugs. You can find any style you want to match the style of your furniture. So, we can say that you can find as many styles for the area rug as there are styles for the furniture.

You should educate yourself about the interior decoration and you should know what type of atmosphere you want to create in your room. Based on your findings, you should select your favorite area rugs for your entire house.

Color of the Rugs

Color is another factor that you should consider before choosing one rug for the room. Color of the area rug can completely change the tone of your room. If you have the furniture in the room, then make sure that you consider the color tone of furniture while choosing the color of the rug.

The color you choose will either blend the color tone or will stand out based on the colors of your furniture. If your room is not already furnished, then you should consider the color of the walls and floor in the room. You can select a multicolor or a single color area rug as well.

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Size of Area Rugs

Most people commit mistakes while choosing the size of the rug. In most cases, you should select the size that should have equal distance from all the four sides of the room. The distance between the walls and the edges of the rug should be as low as 8 inches for small rooms, or it could be 24 inches for medium-sized rooms.


But if the shape of the room is not as square or rectangle and you want to highlight one area of the room, then consider the size of that area and get the area rug to fit that size.

Rug Patterns

While choosing an area rug for your room, you should also consider if you need a patterned rug or a solid color rug. If you have patterned furniture in your room, then go for the area rug with a solid color.

While on the other hand, if you have solid colored furniture then you should look for the rug with some patterns. This will give a new life to your room and you will have a good color contrast in the room. Selecting solid colors for both furniture and the rug is not a good idea as it will give a flat and dull feeling.

Maintenance of Rug

This is another important factor to consider. Rugs need cleaning and maintenance regularly. Some area rugs can be easily cleaned at home by vacuum or by the traditional methods of taking out the rug and beating slightly.

On the other hand, there are a few types of rugs like high-pile style that need a professional team and special equipment to clean and remove dust from it. So, while buying an area rug for your home, make sure that you know how to clean and how much maintenance is required.

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