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How to use a wood working router for beginners

Last updated on March 4, 2020


Woodworking router is a device that is used to make a whole by taking some part of it out of the wood. This is not only used to hollow out the wood but it is also used to give a good and artistic shape in woodworking work.

Using a woodworking router is not a simple and easy task, you need to have some professional training to adjust the router for different settings and how to operate it on different types of woods.

There are different types of routers and you can select the routes according to specifications. Here you can see best woodworking router and how to operate it with perfection.

What are the two types of Wood Working Routers

Basically, routers can be divided into two major types as fixed base and plunge base. In the fixed base, when you insert the bit into the router and locked the base then you can change the depth of the bit.

Whereas in another type which is plunged type, the bit can be locked in the router and after locking it can move in and out of the wooden material. Usually, fixed base routers are more popular.

Because in this type changing the bit is easy and also many woodworkers like to use the fixed base instead of plunge base routers.

Speed of the Router

The speed of the router should be variable and it is a very important feature that each woodworking router must-have. While working with large diameter bits, it is important to operate the router at a lower rpm (rotations per minute) value.

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It is important because of safety purposes. Remember that it is not safe to operate the large diameter bit router at high-speed rpm.

There are various other specifications that are important for a good router and most of them you can find in DEWALT DWP611PK router and here you can read DEWALT DWP611PK router’s details and its features in more detail.

There are more woodworking routers available in the market which you can find on different online stores with a manual.

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