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How to use Instagram Effectively to Boost your Business

Last updated on October 28, 2017


Promoting your business was never that easy before the introduction of social media platform. After the introduction of social media, big businesses adopted this media to create social connections and to promote their business to a wide audience. It started with the success of Google’s Orkut which was very famous during the time 2007 to 2011 and then it was Facebook which replaced Orkut and now it becomes the widely used social media platform. Instagram is another social media tool which is widely used by celebrities and now business owners also adopting this as they are very well aware of the effectiveness of Instagram in future.

To get full benefits of Instagram, one needs to understand how to manage their Instagram account and how to get followers that can later convert into their customers. There are few simple tips that you need to follow to run a successful campaign on the Instagram business account.

Create a Killer Profile

To get success on Instagram you need to have a killer profile that can attract the users by just having a single look at your profile. To create a profile you need to access Instagram from your iOS or Android device and after downloading the application on your device, just sign up using an email address.


  • Username & Bio: Select a username that describes your business name, most likely it should be your business name or the brand name which you are using on your other social media profiles. Your bio should explain precisely why you are best in the market.
  • Profile Photo: Your profile photo should also be attractive and it should be professionally designed by an expert designer and it should describe your brand name.
  • Follow People: You should follow the people who are trendsetters in your niche or who are considered as influencers in your business. You should contribute to their posts by commenting and likes. You will get followers from their very easily because other people on their profiles are interested in your services and if your profile and your comments attract them they will start following you’re as well.
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Manage Your Content

  • Post best Content: Only post your best content on your business page. It is not necessary to post each and every picture or video on your business page. People are interested only in best, so you have to select the content carefully which you are going to share on your brand page.
  • Scheduled Posting: Your posting should be well organized, don’t post too many pictures/videos/status at once, it will annoy your followers. Try to post at different time intervals with proper explanation, and then track the response of your follower’s response. Note down the best response time and then always try to post your content only at those time when your followers are most active.

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  • Try to be Creative and Unique: While posting your content, don’t just copy and paste the content of your competitors. You should come up with unique and creative ideas that can make you significant among your competitors.

Boost Your Brand Profile

  • User Other Brand Social Profiles: You should promote your Instagram brand page to get most out of it. This can be done by promoting your Instagram social handler on your other social brand profiles. Just mention your Instagram handler on other profiles and request them to follow you on Instagram as well. It will increase your social connection count on Instagram and as a result, you will get more reach on Instagram.
  • User proper Hashtags: You should also use proper hashtags in your Instagram posts. While posting pictures, videos or other things, you should include some related hashtags as well. It will increase your appearance in searches and as a result, your social reach and social connection will increase.
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These are some simple tips which can be very helpful in promoting your business by proper Instagram account management. Once you start your Instagram brand page with proper management, you will get good and fast results and you can increase your sales by converting your followers into your customers.


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