HSamuel Discount Code Marketing: 4 Ways Promo Codes Can Increase Sales


In this article, we study HSamuel voucher marketing and how this has helped the UK retailer maximize online profits and improve user experience on site.

Coupons can boost sales a great deal, but only if they are used correctly. If you don’t use them well, they can end up being a liability to your business. There is no better way to learn how to use coupons to grow your business other than studying the companies that have mastered that art. One such company goes by the name HSamuel. It specializes in selling jewelry and diamonds through their Facebook page and the company website. They also distribute their coupons through their newsletter. Here is how they make coupons to work for them:

Limited-time discounts

One way to boost your sales using coupon codes is to put a time limit on the offer. For instance, HSamuel often give £20 Off full-priced jewellery over £200 – valid for a weekend. This creates an urgency that compels prospective buyers to take advantage of the offer while it lasts. The method works particularly well with first- time buyers who are yet to decide whether or not they want to keep buying products from you. It is the secret behind many successful sales by HSamuel.

Rewarding Facebook fans

One of the core reasons why the company use promo codes for HSamuel.co.uk is to reward customer loyalty. Most of these companies often reward their active fans on social media platforms, particularly on Facebook. It is important to reward the loyalty of your social media followers as it shows your appreciation for their loyalty.

Measuring ROI and tracking campaigns

As a company, it is very important that you keep track of your various marketing techniques. It is only by doing so that you will know what techniques work, and those that that don’t. That way, you can invest more resources in techniques that work and reduce the resources you spend on techniques that simply don’t work. Coupons can aid you greatly in this respect. How do you ask? You can have unique coupon codes for each of your marketing outlets. This will enable you to know which one brings in the most returns so that you can focus more of your resources there.

Maintain a list of existing customers

Although you should aim at growing your business by exposing it to new people all the time, you must not forget to take care of your existing customers. It is the only way to ensure that those you have already converted into customers don’t leave your company. Be sure to send them coupon codes and discounts that save them money on products the really need. That will show them that you haven’t forgotten them and that you still care.

As you go about executing these tips, there are two basic rules you have to follow. First, do not flood your users’ inbox with your offers. They will be very tempted to unsubscribe. Secondly, make sure that your coupons are valuable, or else your customers will be very unhappy with you.

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