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Top Things To Know About Hulu’s Live TV Streaming Service

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If we talk about video streaming services, the first name came to our mind is Netflix. The reason is obvious that it is a widely used video streaming site worldwide. But there are a few more good video streaming services like Hulu.

Like other services, Hulu also requires an internet connection so that you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Before you decide whether you should go for Hulu or not, you should know a few things about Hulu’s live TV streaming service.

Hulu Availability

Like NetFlix or other video streaming services, Hulu is not available worldwide. At the moment, Hulu is only available in the USA and Japan. In the US alone, Hulu has 28 million subscribers which means it is quite a popular service in the United States.

Channels You Get On Hulu

Most of the channels you get on Netflix are available on Hulu as well with some differences. So before you get this service, you should ask your provider what channels are you getting with the Hulu video streaming service. You can also visit Hulu’s official website.

Supported Devices

Hulu supports almost all the devices, you can stream your favorite videos, TV shows, movies or cartoon on your Android devices, tablets, iOS devices, Xbox and much more. But it is good to ask for the supported devices, especially your own device.

Hulu Pricing and Packages

The most important thing is the packages. You can check the Hulu’s packages and pricing from their official website. You should compare it with the other streaming sites before you make your final decision.

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Like other video streaming sites, Hulu also has a few pros and cons. So, let’s check these:

Advantages of Hulu Video Streaming Service

Hulu offers a lot of features and it can be a good choice for many subscribers because of the following pros of Hulu:

  • Hulu provides all the features like NetFlix or Amazon Prime and you can play your favorite TV shows and movies on all the devices that include Apple TV, XBOX,  phones, and tablets.
  • Hulu keeps your watch history so that you can easily find your favorite shows whenever you want.
  • If you want to watch the recent episodes of your favorite TV shows, you will love Hulu as it updates the video library too often.
  • Hulu offers its Live TV beta service where you can watch quality content on 50+ different live channels.
  • Hulu also offers its own unique and original content. So if you subscribe to the Hulu service, you may find a lot better original content.
  • You can choose between different package plans and pricing options.

Disadvantages of Hulu Streaming Service

Along with so many good features, there are a few cons of Hulu. So if you feel that this is not the best option, then you can choose a Hulu alternative.

  • Unlike NetFlix, Hulu doesn’t offer offline mode to watch shows and movies. You can’t download the videos to watch them later. You have to have an active internet connection to watch videos streaming on Hulu.
  • If we talk about the movie selection, then Hulu’s movie collection is not so good.
  • On the regular package, you will have the ads from Hulu. If you want to get a ‘No ads’ service then you have to pay extra amount.
  • If you are traveling, you can’t use the service as it is available only in the USA and Japan.
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