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A Complete Guide To Apply For Electronic India Visa Online (eVisa)

Indian Visa Online eTA

If you are interested to travel to India and you don’t know how to apply for an Indian visa, then here is a complete guide. Here I will guide you on what documents are required and who is eligible to apply for the Indian visa.

The Government of India has started a new program of Electronic Visa (eVisa) or it is also called an eTA. The full form of eTA is Electronic Travel Authorization. This is a type of online visa that is paperless and you can get that visa online from all around the world.

(Note: Due to bilateral issues between India and Pakistan, Pakistani passport holders can not apply for the eVisa.)

Overall, there are 180 countries in the world from where applicants can apply for eTA. This type of online electronic visa to India doesn’t require a stamp on the passport. So, basically, it is very easy to download the Indian visa application form from the Indian High Commission website, or from other websites as well and then apply for the Indian visa online.

Required Documents for Indian Online Visa (eTA)

When you are ready to apply for the Indian eVisa or Online visa of India, you should have these documents ready with you.

  • You should have your passport that should be valid for at least 6 months from the date that you will land in India
  • Your address proof, with a utility bill in your name. Like electricity bills, gas bills, telephone bills, etc.
  • Active and valid email address where you can receive your Indian Visa online.
  • Any active and valid payment method, that can be your Paypal or debit/credit card.
  • Your character certificate, that says that you don’t have any criminal record in your own country.
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Before you apply, you should get the latest information as well about the Covid conditions. As the Covid-19 negative test was also mandatory to travel within India a few months ago.

Types of Indian Online Visas

When you decide to visit India, there should be a specific reason for that. Either you are traveling for a tourism purpose, or for getting a medical facility, for business activities, or any other activity.

So, when you apply, you should know that what type of Indian online visa is suitable for you. Here are a few types of Indian electronic or online visas:

  • Tourist Visa: This type of visa is required by tourists. It is also called an e-Tourist visa when you get this online.
  • Business Visa: If you want to visit India for some business deal or any business activity, you need to have an e-Business visa.
  • Medial Visa: You must have an e-Medical visa in order to get a medical facility in India.
  • Medical Attendant Visa: If you are traveling with a patient as a medical attendant, you should have an e-MedicalAttendant visa.
  • Conference Visa: If you need to attend a conference in India for educational purposes or any other purpose, you need to apply for an e-Conference visa.


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