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10 Interesting Facts Regarding New Zealand

Last updated on December 1, 2022

New Zealand Amazing Facts

The environments from “The Lord of the Rings,” such as glow worms, glaciers, and penguins… One of those countries that truly does have everything to offer is New Zealand.

In addition to being an undeniable draw for tourists, the land of the great white cloud, also known as Aotearoa, is completely unique from beginning to end and has been known to produce some Guinness World Records on occasion.

Because of this, we have compiled a list of ten peculiar facts about New Zealand in an effort to shed light on some of the country’s more unusual aspects.

1. Right to Vote For Women

This demonstrates that New Zealand was the very first nation in the world to grant women the right to vote, which it did in the year 1893. A very long time ago in the majority of countries around the planet.

2. The Kiwi is Not Only a Fruit but also a Bird

When you visit Aotearoa, you need to exercise caution when using the word “kiwi,” as locals there give it three distinct meanings.

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A person who was born in New Zealand is referred to as a dry kiwi, a kiwi bird is a bird that is also used as a national symbol, and of course, there is the kiwi fruit to allude to the delectable fruit!

3. Pay with Hobbit Money

Hobbits New Zealand

Did you know that New Zealand is home to a place that resembles Middle Earth? New Zealand is the only nation in the world that is permitted to depict hobbits on its currency because of the notoriety that the country garnered from the Lord of the Rings saga.

And of course, there is no other location where you may go to visit Hobbiton but this one! In case you want to visit this beautiful place, you can find here your New Zealand visa application form.

4. 30٪ of the Land is National Reserve

When we think about New Zealand, the rolling hills and dense forests full of verdant greenery that characterize the country immediately spring to mind. Mount Cook, Milford Sound, the Tongariro National Park, the Coromandel, and more…

The fact that one-third of this nation is set aside as a protected national reserve is one of the factors that contribute to the country’s reputation as a natural paradise. Another factor is the high level of environmental consciousness exhibited by its inhabitants.

5. The Longest Town Name in World

New Zealand Longest Town Name

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu. We have not started banging on the computer’s keyboard to see what happens.

This is the name of a city on New Zealand’s eastern coast, and it translates roughly from Maori to English as

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“The place where Tamatea, the man on the big knees who slipped, climbed, and swallowed mountains, known as the land eater, he played the flute to his loved one .”

Isn’t that an amusing choice for the name of a town?

6. There are More Sheep Than Humans

One of the most important economic sectors in the nation is the livestock industry, particularly the sheep sector. Did you know that there are at least 10 sheep residing in New Zealand for every single person who calls the country home?

If you want to get your NZ ETA, first check here for detailed New Zealand visa information.

7. The World’s Most Precipitous Road in Dunedin

Baldwin Street, which is situated on the South Island of New Zealand and has a slope of 19 degrees, has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as having the title of being the world’s most steeply sloped street.

You can’t even begin to fathom what it must be like to live at the very top, can you?

8. Southernmost Capital in the Entire World


In continuation of the characteristics that give this nation its distinctive character, Wellington holds the distinction of being the southernmost capital in all of the world.

Although there is some competition for the title of the economic capital of the country, a trip to Wellington is guaranteed to be fruitful. This city is also home to the recording studios for The Lord of the Rings, so those of you who are fans of the trilogy will be pleased to learn this fact.

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9. Three Official Languages

Along with English and special sign language, the Maori language is recognized in New Zealand as an official language as well. Even though the Maori language went through some difficult times in the past, there is still an effort being made to keep it alive today.

Maori people make up about 17% of the country’s total population. A trip to Rotorua is an excellent choice to make if you are going to be in New Zealand for any length of time and want to have an appreciation for the language and customs of these fascinating people.

10. Last Country on earth to be Inhabited by People

The history of New Zealand only goes back a few hundred years at the most. It was just about 800 years ago when the first humans settled in our country, and the Maori were the ones who got here first.

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