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Why iPage is best web hosting service for WordPress

Last updated on October 28, 2017


For bloggers and website owners, traffic is the key to success. More traffic they get on their blog or website more chances are there that they can convert visitors into customers. Bloggers who are monetizing their content whether it is news articles or video content, traffic is actually money for them. For other website owners who are selling their products online, they also need traffic to become a successful online business name. Most of the bloggers and other webmasters start their website or blog with a cheap web hosting which is usually available in 3$ to 10$ per month. You can find different shared web hosting services which also provides you free domain name registration which costs about $16 per year in other cases.

Problems in shared hosting services

Most of the bloggers are using content management system for their website and WordPress is one of them. When you use WordPress, it uses MySQL database and for each request of getting content from a user, it needs SQL connection to get connected with the server. On a WordPress blog, a user is accessing images and other content so every user is using SQL connections and shared hosting providers have some limitations over SQL database connections. When you get more traffic at once, let’s say you have 30 to 50 users accessing your website at a time, the limit of SQL connections exceeds and your website or blog goes down and then no new user can access your website for next one hour. In this way, you may lose a lot of traffic/visitors which might be your potential customers.

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Best web hosting services for WordPress

When you start getting good traffic on your shared hosting website, you might start looking for the best web hosting for WordPress website. If you ask me, I will recommend you iPage WordPress Hosting which can afford 100s of online users at a time and it can manage more SQL connection so your website will not go down.

What will you get with iPage WordPress Hosting

  • Free .com domain registration
  • Free coupons for Search Engine Marketing
  • Unlimited space to store your online data
  • Managed WordPress hosting server to speed up your WordPress blog
  • Pre-installed WordPress themes and Plugins to provide extra features for your website
  • Unlimited bandwidth for your website (conditions apply)
  • Enhanced security
  • Single click WordPress installation

These are the few features which I have discussed here which you will get if you choose iPage as your hosting provider.

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