Why Iridium GO is the best Satellite Phone Option


Getting a satellite phone was never that easy as it is now. You can buy the best satellite phone in just 400 US dollars to 1000 US dollars according to your requirements and then you can use that whenever you need where ever you are. If you can’t afford to buy a sat phone for yourself then you also have an option to get one on a monthly or weekly rent depending on your traveling schedule. If your plan is to travel all around the world then you should get a satellite phone service from Iridium which is providing worldwide coverage and also used by defense department of United States. Iridium GO is one of the best satellite phones that provides you various options and obviously worldwide coverage with no interruption.

Why Iridium GO

Iridium GO is a wifi hotspot device which offers you 100% worldwide coverage with the elimination of “no signals” problem completely. Using this you can make voice calls, you can receive calls where ever you are, you can send and receive text messages even when you are surrounded by mountains. You can also receive or send emails by attaching files to it, you can track a GPS location as well with Iridium GO. You can also connect your smartphone i.e iPhone or any other wifi enabled android phone with Iridium GO to use the internet on your smartphone anywhere in the world.

Even if you are at the north pole of the world, Iridium GO will allow you to stay connected with the rest of the world, though its internet speed is very low it provides you the basic functionality of sending and receiving emails and files. You can connect up to 5 Apple or Android devices by using the hotspot of Iridium GO. Even you can use Twitter or Facebook on this and its hotspot will work for almost 30-meter range.

If you connect your smartphone or laptop via wifi then you can access the advanced features screen by typing in your browser windows and you have to use the username as “guest” and password also “guest” (without inverted commas).

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