Jokes to say on the phone, Best Jokes Which Makes You Smile


jokes to say on phone

Would you like to make jokes to your friends? If so, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will present you with the best jokes to do over the phone, which you can do to your friends, family and others.

Heavy jokes to make by phone

Here are the jokes you can apply in a particular situation. The P’s represent “questions” and the R “answers.”

Q. Hi, is Rodrigo here? Then hang
2) P. < Call again > > Hello is Rodrigo here? < Let me talk > > then hang up
3) P. < Call again > > Hello is Rodrigo here? < Let me talk > > then hang up
4) p < Last Call > > Hi I’m Rodrigo do you have a message for me?

1) Holaaaa. is Tomas (no accent)
2) < Possible responses > > What do you take?
3) I take Pisco and you?…..

1) Hello, is Talanda?
2) < Possible response > > What Talanda?
3) < > I very well and you how about?…

Here you can find the best jokes to do over the phone which you can do to different people.

1) Alo, hello do you wash clothes?
2) < supposed answer > > No…
3) < > really? I can not believe that they are so dirty…. hahaha

How to make phone jokes
1) Hello, is it expensive over there?
2) < supposed answer > > No…
3) < > So it’s cheap? LOL (typical)

1) put gunshot sounds and call a friend’s house and say “Mom I am (your friend’s name) I was wounded…”.

1) call a pizza restaurant and order burgers (typical).

4) Typical: Call aside to request something. Every time you ask for something, make the sound of “PIIIIIIIII” and see how irritated the answering the call.

6) Call and say “Hello can you tell me the menu” please lol (typical). Most likely after this joke, they’ll get a couple of insults.

7) Call the pizzeria and order exotic products. In case they’re told “we don’t have a product”, they’ll make a fuss and say they’ll sue them.

To review more jokes, you can review the following video that offers the best pranks phone:

That’s all. What did you think of these jokes? Do you know others? You can share your experience in the comments section below.

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