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Kanye West is Planning to File for Divorce from Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Custody Case

(Dunya Urdu — Feb 7) – According to the sources, Kanye West is all ready to file a divorce case for Kim Kardashian. It is said that they are done now with each other and there is no way they can think to live together anymore.


Kim Kardashian first wants to settle down a few things before she can announce the divorce, but on the other hand, Kanye West, the American rapper is not in a mood to wait any longer. According to the OK! magazine report, Kanye doesn’t care what her wife Kim Kardashian wants to do but he has to file for divorce for Kim Kardashian.

US reality TV star Kim Kardashian wanted full custody of her children before she announces divorce from her husband Kanye West. She doesn’t want to be a losing contestant in this divorce case so getting the custody of children is very important for Kardashian.

Sources said that this case will not be a simple one, as both Kanye and Kim will try their best to win the case of custody for children and they will go to any extent, and tension between the couple will raise.


According to The Sun, Kanye West believes that Los Angeles is not the right place to grow up his kids there. He believes that Los Angeles is too fake a place for them so that is why he wanted to raise his kids outside Los Angeles.

The Sun sources also claimed the same that this custody case is important for both and they don’t want to lose the custody case. Kim Kardashian, openly tells that she will go to any extent to get full custody of her children and if Kanye West wanted to fight with her for the custody of children then this case will be brutal for both of them.

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Meanwhile, another exciting piece of news about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is that both of them are looking for someone new to date with.

These days Kim Kardashian is on a vacation and enjoying her time with her sister and daughter. She shared some cute pictures on her Instagram account as well.


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