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Keeping the Dogs in House, Halal or Haram in Islam?

Last updated on October 1, 2017

keeping dog in house halal or haram

In Muslim communities, it is believed that keeping the Dogs in the house is Haram and they are “Najas” (Not clean) so touching the dogs is also Haram (forbidden). If you visit Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India you will find that Muslims of these countries are not taking care of animals, especially dogs. A lot of dogs you will find on roads and no one wants to give them a home and if dogs have some disease no one takes those dogs to hospitals because they believe that it is not allowed to touch a dog in Islam. Some of them who wanted to keep dogs at home they use a dog collar because they also don’t want to touch the dog with hands so they use some fancy dog collars and chains.


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But this is just a misconception among Muslims and Islam never forbid to keep dogs in the house or to touch them. There is a narration in which Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H told that angles do not enter into a house where they found a dog or a picture. Due to this many Muslims believes that keeping dogs in the house is totally forbidden and Haram. But there are so many other narrations, where Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said that it is allowed to keep the dogs in the house for protection or hunting purposes. So if you have dogs in your house as a protection than there is nothing wrong in it. Moreover, Islam is a religion of peace and mercy, and Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H is the most merciful human in the world not only for humans but also for the animals. Then how is it possible that a Prophet who shows us mercy even for animals how can he forbid us to touch an animal when the animal needs care and treatment.

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So it is allowed in Islam that if a dog needs a treatment and suffering from some disease you should take it to the animal hospital, you can even touch it and you can keep the dogs at home if you want some protection or you want to use it for hunting. Moreover, dog monitoring is also important and also to take care of your dogs, you can keep them in a dog fence so that nothing can harm them and they don’t go far away from home. Or if you don’t want to keep a fence at home then you can use a wireless dog fence that will help to create a wireless boundary by transmitting signals and dogs will not cross that boundary.

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