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How to Use KWFinder: The Best SEO Keyword Research Free Tool

Last updated on October 28, 2017

KWFinder Best SEO Keyword Research Tool

We have discussed the top 3 SEO keyword research tools which are free to use in an article and we have listed the KWFinder among the top 3 keyword research tools. Actually, the KWFinder is a paid tool if you want to make full use of this tool, but if you are the registered user then you can have a limited access to this tool. In this article, we will discuss how you can use KWFinder to search for the best profitable and rankable long tail keywords for your website.

Many SEO campaigns ended up with no good result just because of the wrong selection of the keyword. Many people just focus on the high volume searched keywords without even knowing about the difficulty level for that particular keyword. Whereas others just focus on the low competition keywords but they failed to realize that even getting the #1 position for that keyword in Google SERP, they will not be able to get any traffic.


The best approach is to find the long tail keywords with reasonable searches and low keyword difficulty value. KWFinder provides you much information that can be used wisely to get higher rankings and the traffic with the minimum off-site SEO.

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What information we get from KWFinder

This keyword research tool provides the following information for every keyword:

  • Search volume trend in last 12 months
  • Exact volume of average monthly searches for the keyword for last 12 months
  • Average cost per click for the keyword
  • Competition in PPC advertising
  • Keyword SEO difficulty
  • Top 10 SERP results with that keyword which will be the competitors if you select that keyword
  • Page Authority, Domain Authority, Moz Trust, Moz Rank, Total number of backlinks, FB and G+ social signals, and rank of the competitor

How to use KWFinder information for getting Best Keywords

Search volume trend from last two months provides the trend of users who searched for the same keyword each month. If you see that trend is going down every month then it means that the keyword is trendy only in a specific month. It can provide you traffic for a specific time interval or for a seasonal occasion but it is not a keyword which can provide you traffic throughout the year if you are on top with the keyword. It is good to select those keywords which show a consistent trend for the keyword research throughout the year.

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Google keyword planner provides the keyword average monthly searches in a specific range like if the search volume for the 1st keyword is 900, and the other keyword has only 200 search volume google keyword planner will show AMS (average monthly searches) in the group of 100-1K search volume. Whereas the KWFinder provides the exact AMS which is good for analyzing different keywords. You should select the maximum keywords in the range of 800 to 2000 or 3000 AMS rather than a single keyword having 10K to 100K AMS. The reason behind this approach is that it is very easy to rank multiple keywords which are similar and have low search volumes whereas targeting a single keyword with high search volumes takes much efforts to rank the website with that keyword on the top page of Google.


If you want to run the advertisement campaign using Google Adwords or you want to monetize your website with Google Adsense, then you should consider the CPC and PPC values. If you targeting the keyword just for getting traffic and you have no concerns with Google Adwords or Google Adsense then you should not consider the CPC and PPC values.


trending low keyword difficult

Keyword SEO difficulty plays a vital role in a better keyword researching that leads to a successful SEO campaign by providing excellent results. KWFinder calculates the Keyword difficulty after analyzing various factors. This value shows you that how easy or difficult it could be to rank on Google’s first page if you select that particular phrase. This score ranges from 0 to 100, the lower is easy while the higher is difficult to rank. As per our own experiences you should go after the keywords which have KD (Keyword difficulty) lower than 35. Look for the keyword with consistent search trend, good search volume, and lower keyword difficulty.

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From the list of suggested keywords, if you click on a keyword, KWFinder will show you the possible competitors for your SEO campaign. It will show the top 10 websites on the 1st page of Google with your selected keyphrase. It will also show you how easy or difficult it would be to beat those sites. The lower value means you can beat that site easily and the higher value will show you that you need to work hard to beat those websites and make your place on the top page of Google. It will show PA, DA, MR, backlinks to the page, MozTrust, and MozRank. It will show also show how many social signals from Facebook and Google plus are going to that web page. The lower DA, PA and lower backlinks mean it will be easy to replace that webpage with your own website’s page.


If you see the authority sites in your competitor list, then try not to focus that keyword as it is very hard to compete with an authority website whereas if the websites are less famous and don’t have good stats then you should go for that key phrase.

Use Results Filters

To get the good keywords, you should use the filters option as well. It allows you to set your own preferences for the suggested keywords. Like you can provide a range of average monthly searches from 800 to 3000, you can set the keyword difficulty from 10 to 30, minimum and maximum values for CPC and PPC, and you can also set the number of words in a key phrase. This is best practice to use the number of words filter to find only long tail keywords. Set the minimum value to 4 and the maximum value to 8 or 10 to get the best long tail keywords for your specific seed term with high search volume.

KWFinder Search Filters

Concentrate on Local Searches

The last thing which you should take care of while searching for the keywords is that if you are providing your services then try to find the local keywords. It means you have to target those users who are finding the services in their own city. For example, if you are an SEO company and you want to promote your SEO services by getting top position on Google, then your first target should be to take #1 spot on Google with your own city name. If you are based in Cambridge, then you should focus for the keyword SEO Company Cambridge instead of simple “SEO Company” and if you are providing your services in London, then you should go for SEO company London, or SEO services in London or anything like this which can target your local potential customers.

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General keywords high difficulty
General Broad Keyword
Local keyword less difficulty
Local Keyword Targeting City

Get any paid plan for better results

You should also consider getting a paid plan for getting more details about the keywords and more related keywords suggestions. The basic package is good to start but if you are looking for only the free service then you can simply register your account with an email address on KWFinder’s official website and without any credit card, you can use the limited version of KWFinder. The limitation is 50 keywords suggestions for one keyword and 3 lookups per 24 hours. You can still make a good use of the free account and can find profitable SEO keywords with this best SEO keyword research tool.

The last thing which is very obvious, your selected keywords must be closely relevant to the content of your page. If you like a keyword and you think that this keyword is profitable and easy to rank, but your content is not related to that keyword, then you should drop that keyword. If you target that keyword it will have a negative impact on your website.

We hope after reading this article you can easily use this free keyword research tool. If you have any questions regarding KWFinder, you can ask us using the comment form below without any hesitation.


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