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Laptops Overheating Problems – How to Fix

Last updated on October 1, 2017


This is a common problem for many users who use their laptop at home at the office, they feel that their laptop is overheating and it is difficult to use the laptop in this condition because it gets slow down due to the heating problem. There are different reasons of laptop overheating and these problems also cause the processor to heat and badly affects the performance. Apart from performance, there are many other risks involved that can damage the hard drive, RAM or other hardware. So it is very important to buy the second hand laptop from a trusted dealer likeĀ laptop HP cu ha noi in Vietnam to avoid such issues.

But still there are chances that you have an overheating problem which you can fix the problem by these simple tips and tricks:

Remove Dust from Cooling Fans:

The main reason of laptops overheating is depositing of dust layers on fans that are responsible to keep the laptop cool. One fan is to provide the cooling to CPU while other is for the graphics card. Dust and dirt layers on these fans slow down the fans and also blocks the air that is necessary to keep the laptop cool. Before you open your laptop you need to shut down your computer and remove the battery and charger and you should also ground yourself to avoid any earth. Use a small cotton with motherboard cleaning agent or a few drops of alcohol and then remove the dust particles from the fan. Make it sure that MBC (Motherboard Cleaner) or alcohol evaporates completely before you turn on your laptop again.

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Don’t use the laptop on the mattress:

Most of the users use their laptops by keeping it on an uneven surface like a pillow, mattress, or a blanket due to which the air which is required to cool the laptop is blocked and it gets heated. So it is very important to keep your laptop on a flat and hard surface like a computer table or a desk.

Buy some cooling pad:

There are different cooling pads available in the market at very reasonable prices, you can buy a good cooling pad by a renowned manufacturer like cooler master or any other in 20$ to 50$. It is a good little investment to keep your laptop cool and in response, you will get a speedy performance by your laptop.

You can also install any application to keep checking the temperature of your laptop. You can download any good software from the internet, it will start the alarm when your laptop gets overheated and can help you out in turning off your laptop automatically to avoid any hardware damages.

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