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2 Simple and Famous Stunt Scooter Tricks For Beginners

Last updated on January 19, 2022


A scooter or a stunt scooter is a simple ride that was specially designed for the entertainment of the kids. The kids from age 5 years to 15 years were the target of these scooters as the designers believe that kids of this age will be attracted to this new type of scooter.


But now these stunt scooters are not only famous in the kids which were the main focus but also kids from above that range and even adults love these stunt scooters and they love to spend their free time riding these scooters in the near market or on the roadsides.

The main purpose of using these scooters is obviously to learn some tricks to show different types of stunts. Kids and adults are equally good to show some scooter tricks.

Here I will show you some basic stunts you can learn easily using these stunt scooters. These stunts are for the scooter riders who just started using these stunt scooters. But before you learn these tricks, you should select the right scooter for you according to your age, height, and weight.

Here you can find the top trick scooters that can be a perfect choice for you. Stunt scooters are also called trick scooters.

Here are the top 2 stunt scooter tricks for beginners:

How To Bunny Hop:

The bunny hop is a trick in which you can jump with your scooter and both the wheels leave the ground at the same time. Most of the kids and adults wanted to learn bunny hop as soon as possible because this stunt can impress many others and it is totally safe to try this trick anywhere anytime. Just make it sure that you have worn the helmet and other recommended guards.

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In bunny hop first, you need to bend on your knees and then do a jump and pull the deck up along with you. By doing this, both wheels will leave the ground, and on coming back to the ground you should keep your knees bend. The video below can help you in a much better way.


Before we move to the next scooter trick which is called a fakie, let’s check quickly a list of 15 top scooters for stunts. Watch the video carefully and let us know if you are satisfied with our selection or if you have some more options, don’t forget to use the comment box at the end of this article to share your best trick scooter with us.


How to Fakie on a Stunt Scooter:

When you ride your trick scooter in a backward direction, it is called Fakie. Many people wanted to learn this simple and safe trick. Before you learn Fakie and try this stunt, you should learn simply to ride in the backward direction.

It will improve your control and this is the main thing. Fakie requires balance and control as you are moving in the backward direction. Once you have a good balance and control over your scooter while riding backward, you can try the Fakie.

Just make it sure that the surface where you try this trick should be very smooth, you just need to jump and move to 180 degrees, your inertia and gravity will do the rest and keep you moving in the same direction but now it will be a backward ride.

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This video will demonstrate a much better way:

You should buy best scooter brands for tricks that must be safe for doing any type of stunt. And again, don’t forget to take all the safety measures and precautions before you show stunts on trick scooters.


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