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Recommended Low Calories Diet Plan For Men & Women to Lose Weight


Food is the basic thing in our daily routine life. Everyone needs some kind of food to maintain their health, fulfill their hunger and some eat for good taste.

In this foodie century, everyone is fond of eating heavy, oil and malicious junk food without having a proper diet plan. The percentage of people who love eating junk food is increasing day by day.

Furthermore, as this percentage increases, the population of fatty and obese people is also increasing.

One must think to take sometimes really low-calorie foods too. Eating burgers, pizzas, rolls, and other oily snack items will only increase your fat limit.

Start Diet Plan to maintain your health

People who are tired of their obesity can now think of maintaining their health and start reducing their fat obese body into the smart slim figure as it is important.

You may think, that what foods have 0 calories or a little more calories. There are hundreds of recommended diet plans for all age group of men and women. The only thing you need is motivation and passion in yourself to follow such a diet plan.

A recommended diet plan for Men

If you have decided to lose weight and burn your extra calories then you must eat fresh fruits and vegetables regularly or on a consistent basis. Vegetables with fewer calories and fruits are always a source of providing lean protein which is good for health and heart.

Let’s start discussing a simple diet plan recommended for men:


It is necessary for a man to eat full meals 3 times a day. According to the food experts and nutritionists, a man must consume 1800 calories a day. If you do 30 minutes of exercise and proper workout, you can easily lose weight in pounds in a few weeks.

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Eat granola cereal with Luke warm milk. You can add any fruit to it for a good taste. For a drink, you can take tea or coffee which is preferable.


During your office break, you will feel really tired and you want to eat something big and good that tastes delicious but what if you are on a diet plan and finding foods that have low calories.

You are supposed to do this on your own and choose some low-calorie recipes for weight loss. During your lunch, you can take a lean meat wrap garnished with cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce.

These are the low-calorie high nutrient foods and will give you a good feeling.


At dinner, you can eat white chicken such as fish or chicken as your main course. You are free to eat red meat but once in a week, not more than that. You can add some amount of brown rice.

Try pasta with whole wheat cooked in light tomato sauce as it is the most healthy low-calorie snacks. You can add vegetables with less calories.

Low Calories fruits and vegetables in a diet plan

Here is a list of some fruits and vegetables with 0 calorie or low calorie in it:

  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Leafy greens
  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Green beans
  • Broccoli
  • Apricots
  • Oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Grapefruits

A recommended diet plan for Women

This simple meal plan can be taken by every age group of women starting from 19 years onward. There are different options for women to follow the low-calorie foods for weight loss and they should find the best quick meals and diets that work for women.

There are hundreds of diet plans of various calories burn a day meal plan which will take a fat woman to the track of smartness.

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Start your breakfast with 1 cup whole grain breakfast cereal with Luke warm water and less fat milk. You can also add a little amount of low-fat 100g yogurt to satisfy your taste-buds.

In morning break, add some amount of 200ml small cup of milk coffee to freshen up yourself.


Lunch is the most important part if you are taking less food portion at breakfast. You can eat 2 slices of bread sandwiches with 40g chicken and 1 cup salad made with different vegetables. You can add an apple of medium size in your lunch.

Eat chicken breast with topped sauces and with 2 bread slices.  Keep each meal of the same size so, the diet plan will remain the same for every day.


As you know vegetables and fruits have low concerned fats and contain zero calories in it. Then make vegetables with fewer calories as the main course of your meal at dinner.

You can eat a 350- calorie meal in dinners such as vegetables which are a stir fry like you can add carrots, cabbage, broccoli and other vegetables you like and have fewer calories in it.


Keep your snack portion for about 200 calories to maintain the level of healthy low-calorie snacks. You can eat wheat toast, sugar-free flavored yogurt with a light medium size of an apple.

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